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The Tyrolean Hound, independent and affectionate dog

An ancient breed, the Tyrolean Hound is a passionate hunter who has had to learn to convert to a pet because of the decline in this activity. They are sociable, independent and affectionate towards their family. All that is needed to establish joy of living and harmony.

Characteristics of the Tyrolean Hound

The Tyrolean Hound is a medium-sized dog that measures between 42 and 48 cm for the female and between 44 and 50 cm for the male with a weight ranging from 18 to 20 kg. It has a developed musculature as well as a solid bone structure. It gives the impression of having a lot of confidence thanks to its robust and healthy appearance. The dog is recognizable by its head with a domed skull, dry and wide with a stop accentuated, a straight and slightly high muzzle ending with a black nose. It is also noticeable for its round, expressive eyes that are dark brown in color. The Tyrolean Hound has high set, broad ears that round off at the tip. They are hanging and quite long since they can reach the upper jaw. The coat is short, dense and doubled, because it is coarse. The standard allows only two types of coat: black and tan and fawn. Among the fawn colors allowed are red, red-yellow and deer red. The dog may have white markings on the feet, collar, limbs and sternal region.

History of the Tyrolean Hound breed

Originating from Celtic hounds, the Tyrolean Hound began to gain notoriety in the 16th century thanks to Emperor Maximilian I, who greatly appreciated it for its hunting qualities. It was not until the 19th century, however, that serious breeding began in Austria, in Tyrol to be precise. The first standard was established in 1896 and it was not until twelve years later that the animal was officially recognized. It is worth noting that in 1944, the standard included smaller varieties. In 1954, the official recognition by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is effective.

Living conditions and behavior of the Tyrolean Hound

The Tyrolean Hound is an exemplary hunting dog. Specialized in the search for blood, but also in the hunting of hares and foxes, this dog has a very good sense of direction and an exceptional nose. It is autonomous, enduring and passionate. Although it excels in work, it can live very well in a family provided that it gets regular physical exercise and enjoys wide open spaces. It is a pleasant animal to live with, sociable, affectionate, patient and playful that will find its place in homes.

Diet and main health problems of the Tyrolean Hound

The Tyrolean Hound is robust and strong, is not affected by any specific pathology and is able to live up to 14 years if it enjoys a healthy lifestyle. In this respect, it needs a balanced diet of premium foods necessary for its health and longevity.