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The Swiss Hound, a dog with a robust and enduring appearance

The Swiss Hound is an animal that develops natural hunting skills, with a robust and enduring gait. It comes in four main varieties: the Bruno du Jura, the Bernese Hound, the Schwyz Hound and the Lucerne Hound. Let's discover the particularities of the breed.

Characteristics of the Swiss Hound

The Swiss Hound develops harmonious proportions with a medium size, floppy ears, a long muzzle, an enduring style and much nobility. The females measure between 47 and 57 cm and the males between 49 and 59 cm for an approximate weight of 20 kg. The head of the dog is convex, elongated, narrow and dry, with an accentuated stop, but without any exaggeration. The ears are set low and back, drooping and distinguished by their corkscrew character and wrinkled texture. The dog's eyes are generally oval and brown in color, in keeping with its coat. There are four different types of dogs: the Bernese Hound with a white coat marked with fawn and black patches, the Jura Hound with a solid brown coat with a black mantle and tan patches on the cheeks, under the eyes and on the lower parts of the body, the Lucerne Hound with a white coat punctuated with gray and blue spots and the Schwyz Hound with white saddles or orange fawn markings.

History of the Swiss Hound

The Swiss Hound has very ancient origins since it would have made its appearance in ancient Egypt, in the Nile Valley. It would have been brought in the Swiss Alps and in the Valley of the Rhone by the Roman legions. It has known a dazzling success in France since the XVIIIth century because of its strong capacities in the hunting of hare. This breed also conquered the hearts of the Italians and there was even a time when it was called Italian Hound. The establishment of the first standard is early and dates back to 1882. At that time, the Thurgau Hound was one of the Swiss Hound varieties. But after the modification of the final standard in 1933, it was removed.

Living conditions and behavior of the Swiss Hound

The Swiss Hound excels at hunting big game, shooting and hunting foxes and hares. Being able to evolve on difficult grounds, it is appreciated for its endurance, its courage and its full of energy making it tireless. At home, it brilliantly assumes the role of companion dog thanks to its gentleness, calm and affection. It is not reserved towards strangers and is welcoming, which is why it does not make the best guard dog in the world.

Diet and main health problems of the Swiss Hound

The Swiss Hound can live up to 13 years. It is an animal that shines for its robustness and is spared from hereditary diseases. To stay in shape, it just needs a diet in accordance with its physical exercises, its age and its health.