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The Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Shepherd Dog or Slovak Chouvatch

Typical mountain dog, the Slovak Shepherd has a very old origin. It is often confused with the Pyrenean Shepherd. This dog reminds of the polar bear thanks to its beautiful immaculate white coat and its massive size. Protective and powerful, it is docile and affectionate.

Characteristics of the Slovensky Cuvac

It is recognizable by its massive aspect giving him an air of big teddy bear. The Slovensky Cuvac has a solid bone structure and his imposing size allows him to face predators attacking the herds he guards. The females measure between 59 and 65 cm while the males are between 62 and 70 cm for a weight of 31 to 44 kg according to the sex and the age. This sheepdog has a harmonious head in relation to the body since it is also large and solid. The skull is rather flat and the stop is not very accentuated. The muzzle ends in a black nose. The scissor-like teeth and the powerful jaw are other specific features. The animal has oval shaped eyes revealing a nice brown color that highlights an expressive look. The ears are set high on the head and rather drooping. They can reach the level of the dog's mouth. The Slovensky Cuvac has a long coat except on the head and limbs where the hair is short. The coat is exclusively white.

History of the Slovensky Cuvac breed

The Slovensky Cuvac comes from the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. It is a very old breed which would have as ancestor the arctic wolves living in the Asian and Eastern European mountain regions. It was used as a guardian of flocks and herds to protect them from formidable enemies such as wolves and bears. It is not necessary to trust the aspect "big cushy" of this powerful and courageous breed able to face the most dangerous predators. Only the white color was chosen during its selection to be able to differentiate it easily from wild animals. In Slovakia, the Slovensky Cuvac is registered as a traditional heritage along with the hu├žul horse. Despite its popularity in its native country, it is rare elsewhere, especially.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Slovensky Cuvac

The Slovensky Cuvac is ideal for guarding. It is protective, bold, vigilant and fearless. Thanks to his strong build and barking, he develops a very deterrent air. He can be relied upon as a companion dog. He is gentle, affectionate, calm and a good playmate for children. It has no hunting instinct, which makes it easy to live with small animals. The dog also tolerates solitude and is independent, a character it shares with most mountain dogs.

Diet and main health problems of the Slovensky Cuvac

Like all large dogs, the Slovensky Cuvac can suffer from hip dysplasia. All precautions should be taken to prevent him from developing this disease. As far as food is concerned, meals adapted to his physical activities, age and health will do the trick.