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Top 10 guard dogs

Dogs have been used since time immemorial to defend a territory, a person, a particular place, in short, to guard. Even though our relationship with animals has evolved over hundreds of years of domestication, dogs are still used today to guard our homes: what could be more reassuring to know that our faithful companion is ready to defend his masters as well as our property. But not all dogs are made for this task. Which breeds are better suited to this mission than others? That's what we'll see in this top 10 guard dogs.

What is a guard dog?

Before we start this top 10, it is important to clarify a few things. A guard dog is not a dog that has been made aggressive towards anyone approaching us. It is a dog that has been properly trained, without jumping at the throat of the first person who says hello to us, so that it is ready in case something goes wrong, or if someone enters your house without you being present. To sum up, educating your dog to guard is not to make him a dangerous dog, but a dog that knows how to distinguish a threat from what is not, and react accordingly.

The German Shepherd

His love of work, his intelligence, his strength and his endurance make this breed of dog very often found with the man to help him in various tasks, and in particular for the guarding. Its large jaw and long fangs are easily impressed, as well as its build.

The German Shepherd is therefore a dog of first choice to defend a house, and dissuade potential criminals.

The Rottweiler

The effectiveness of the Rottweiler is no longer to be proven as far as guarding is concerned. These dogs, very attached to their masters, will not hesitate to defend them at the risk of their life if it is necessary. Sometimes too reckless, it will however be necessary to educate them so that they do not go too far without reasons.

Physically, the Rottweiler's build and jaw, as well as their reputation, are generally enough to dissuade any form of aggression or theft.

The Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a natural born guard dog with a physique very similar to the German Shepherd. Like its cousin, the Belgian Shepherd is very intelligent, likes to work with people and is very loyal. It is often used by the police force.

For guarding, the Belgian Shepherd will be unparalleled efficiency, but must be entrusted to a sporty family because it is a very active dog that needs to let off steam regularly.

The Doberman

Sadly famous for being the dog of choice of the Nazis during the Second World War, this dog is nonetheless adorable when in the right hands. Although not recommended as a first dog because it needs a strict education, the Doberman will be, once well educated, a guard dog of choice, especially with children whom it adores and with whom it is at the same time very playful, very gentle and very protective.

Like the Belgian Shepherd, the Doberman needs a lot of exercise, a sporty family with experience in dog training would be perfect for this breed.

The Dogue de Bordeaux

The loyalty of the Dogue de Bordeaux makes this soft-hearted hound a fabulous watchdog. With their very muscular and stocky physique, Dogue de Bordeaux are reassuring to their owners as their mere presence is usually enough to dissuade the slightest troublemaker.

Very gentle and protective with children, the Great Dane is perfect for a family.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

Like the pit bull, this breed was created in England in the 19th century for underground dog fighting.

Even though these dogs are nowadays real creams with children and faithful and affectionate companions with their masters, the American Staffordshire Terrier, also called Staff, displays impressive strength, endurance and build, which will dissuade any individual from causing you harm.

The Beauceron

Also known as the Beauce Shepherd, the Beauceron is a dog that barks very little, except to sound the alarm when it's really necessary.

Very gentle and loyal to his family, he is also a rather calm dog as long as he gets his daily exercise, like many sheepdogs.

The Boxer

Physically similar to the Great Dane, the Boxer is however finer and more agile thanks to its more athletic physique.

A very playful dog that loves children, the Boxer is very attached to its family and tends to be fearless. It is a very good watchdog, but it should be watched on walks because it tends to be rather dominant, especially the unspayed males.

The White Swiss Shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd is, like many sheepdogs, an excellent watchdog because of its instinct, which originally came from guarding flocks.

Very possessive of his masters, he can be jealous of other animals, but he is still very friendly. It is better to put him in the hands of a sporty family because he needs to do a lot of exercises.

The Great Dane

One of the most leggy dogs in the world, the Great Dane is a dog that combines elegance and pride.

It is a dog that is absolutely not aggressive, that adores children and that is very loyal to its owners. However, he can be distrustful with strangers, and sometimes be overzealous in guarding, so it will be necessary to educate him properly so that he knows when he must intervene and when everything is fine.