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The Pudelpointer, calm dog with a balanced temperament

His little moustache gives him the air of a good man. The Pudelpointer is a versatile hunting dog resulting from a cross between the English pointer and the poodle. It is today reconverted in pet appreciated for its calm and its balanced temperament.

Characteristics of the Pudelpointer

The Pudelpointer is a large dog breed that measures between 55 and 63 cm if it is a female and between 60 and 68 cm if it is a male. Its weight varies from 20 to 30 kg depending on the sex. This dog is recognizable by its muscular and athletic body that displays elegance and balanced and harmonious proportions. It has a skull whose length is equal to that of the muzzle. The head remains well proportioned and reveals a clear stop. A relatively thick moustache fills this part of the body and gives a particular air to the animal. The high set ears have a rounded tip, are drooping and of medium size. The large eyes are positioned on the sides of the head. They display a nice amber color. The Pudelpointer has a semi-long coat, tight, hard and lying on the body. The coat is brown, black or dead leaf and must be self-colored although the presence of some white traces is tolerated.

History of the Pudelpointer breed

The Pudelpointer would have originated in Germany. It appeared towards the end of the XIXth century thanks to the initiative of Baron Von Zedlitz. The breed is the result of a cross between the Poodle and the Pointer. The combination of the hunting qualities of the Poodle with the skills of the Pointer resulted in a fast dog with an exceptional sense of smell and versatility. The Pudelpointer is also known for its eclectic character. Pudelpointer is not only a pointing dog, but also a retriever. It likes to track ducks, partridges, quail, foxes and hares. In spite of all these qualities, the number of dogs in the world is very limited.

Living conditions and behavior of the Pudelpointer

The Pudelpointer is very enthusiastic at work. When it is not assigned to hunting activities, it performs brilliantly as a companion dog. Brave, cheerful and affectionate towards its owners, it is also a dream companion for children. The animal is a passionate and docile character. Its education must be done in an early way to avoid the overflows. The Pudelpointer needs to live in large spaces. It is not made for sedentary and home owners, because it must be taken out daily for long walks to be well in its skin.

Diet and main health problems of the Pudelpointer

Like many dogs, the Pudelpointer is not spared from hip dysplasia. It can also develop neurological problems such as epilepsy. Note that if the dog is used for hunting, it must receive adequate antiparasitic treatments as well as a very rigorous deworming program to protect it from diseases. For his health, he needs a specific diet dedicated to working dogs as well.