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The Kromfohrländer, a cheerful and affectionate dog

The Kromi, as the Kromfohrländer is known, is a good companion and family dog. Always cheerful, he is constant and affectionate. A real ray of sunshine that will brighten up children's lives with its playfulness.

Characteristics of the Kromfohrländer

The Kromfohrländer is a rather medium sized breed that is between 38 and 46 cm and weighs on average 15 kg depending on age and sex. It is a well-proportioned animal with a slightly protruding chest and muscular legs. It expresses an active, clear and regular gait. The tail is of medium length with a strong set on. The Kromi is recognizable by its head marked by a rounded skull, a frontal furrow slightly accentuated and a visible stop. The muscular cheeks end in strong jaws. As for the eyes, they are ovalized, of intermediate size and positioned slightly slanting while displaying a beautiful dark brown color. The ears for their part are of triangular form, attached high, mobile and close to the cheeks. The dog has a semi-long, hard and dense coat with a beard. It can also have a smooth coat and in this case, will be exempt of beard. The coat is white with tan and tan markings on the body. The cheeks, top of the eyes and ears are reddish-brown, light brown or darker.

History of the Kromfohrländer breed

The Kromfohrländer has its origins in Germany. It would have existed since the XVIIIth century, but its development is made only from the end of the Second World War. This recent breed would be born from a cross between a fox terrier and a great basset hound. It was created under the impulse of the breeder Ilse Scheifenbaum who was installed near Krom Fohr located in the region of Siegen, from where the name of the animal. It was not until 1955 that the breed was recognized. It should be noted that there are very few specimens outside its native country

Living conditions and behavior of the Kromfohrländer

The Kromi is a rare and confidential breed, which is a pity, because it has many qualities that deserve to be in the spotlight. This dog is a gentle and pleasant companion, adapting to all situations and revealing a clever and intelligent character. Thanks to his playfulness, he will quickly become a child's best friend. He is also very attached to his master, but this does not prevent him from enduring solitude as long as he spends as he wants upstream. He is receptive and docile, which facilitates his education. Be careful, sometimes he is stubborn.

Diet and main health problems of the Kromfohrländer

The Kromi shines for its robustness. Nevertheless, there are some pathologies that need to be monitored, especially those affecting the knee joints. It also happens that this dog is affected by hereditary hyperkeratosis of the pads, which causes them to harden and thicken. As for food, the Kromi loves treats as rewards, but it is important not to overdo it.