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The Ibizan Podenco, a long-headed, wiry dog

It has a resemblance with the greyhound with its filiform body and its long and narrow head. Except that the Ibizan Podenco is not classified in this category. This particularly docile born runner is made only for sport masters.

Characteristics of the Ibizan Podenco

The Ibizan Podenco, also called the Ibizan Podenco, is a primitive type of dog, although its appearance is undoubtedly reminiscent of the greyhound. It has a medium size and is both tall and provided with a medium line body. The breed measures between 57 and 63 cm if it is a female and between 60 and 70 cm if it is a male, with a weight ranging from 19 to 22 kg depending on the sex. The Podenco d'Ibiza is recognizable by its long and narrow head with a flattened and long skull, a slightly accentuated stop and a narrow forehead. Of small size, the eyes are oblique and of amber color. The ears for their part are of average size, quite straight and have a diamond shape. The Ibizan Podenco has a short, hard and resistant coat. There is another variety with wire hair that is abundant and rough. The coat must be unicolor white or red or a combination of white and red. Only fawn can be accepted by the standard. Other colors are prohibited.

History of the breed Podenco d'Ibiza

The Podenco of Ibiza does not only come from the eponymous city. It would also be originating from the islands of Majorca, Formentera as well as Minorca. If we were to trace its history from the beginning, this breed would be extremely old since it was already represented on museum pieces and found in the tombs of pharaohs. It is said that the Ibizan Podenco is descended from an ancient Egyptian sighthound called Tesem or Khufu's sighthound. It is said to have arrived on the island of Ibiza through the Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Romans. At the time, it was given as a gift to the nobility, as it was a precious animal. Although it has been successful, the Ibizan Podenco is still rare.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Ibizan Podenco

As a hunting dog, the Ibizan Podenco is dynamic, fast and agile. This born runner has no trouble catching small game. At home, he becomes more calm and composed. One of the greatest assets of this breed is its ease of adaptation. It can live in an apartment as long as it can go out regularly to exercise. With his family, he is patient, affectionate, and even-tempered. As it is docile, its education will be facilitated. It is a playful animal which gets along with the children provided that the latter know how to respect it. It is also smart and a bit independent.

Food and main health problems of the Ibizan Podenco

The Ibizan Podenco does not develop any particular pathology. Being able to live up to 11 years on average, it simply needs a balanced diet and adapted care to guarantee its longevity and its good health. It should be noted that some of them are real gluttons, hence the importance of a rigorous food monitoring to avoid obesity.