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How to choose a basket for your dog ?

As with humans, sleep plays an important role in a dog's health. After long walks in nature or wild play sessions, your four-legged friend needs to rest in a reassuring place of his own. Our tips for finding a soft cocoon for your fur ball.

Observe your dog's habits

The first step is to observe your dog's preferred sleeping position. Some like to curl up in a ball with their backs wrapped around the edges. Others prefer to lie down completely on their bed. Some dogs feel safe hiding in a shelter while others sleep with their head on a ledge. Based on your observations, you'll know more about which bed is best for your dog.

Choosing a basket according to the context

The choice of bedding depends primarily on criteria that will evolve over the course of his life.
  • The puppy. Because of their small size, puppies don't need a bed as large as an adult's. The selection of the material will also be taken into account if the puppy is destructive. This criterion implies the need to acquire a bedding later to adapt to its growth.
  • An older dog. Cushions and mattresses are a good sleeping option for an older dog because the absence of a ledge makes it easier for him to settle down, putting less strain on his joints.
  • A dog in pain. For an animal affected by arthritis, a basket or a heating pad will allow his limbs to be less stiff when he wakes up and will thus reduce his pain. There are also orthopedic beds (minimum thickness of 15 cm) equipped with a memory foam mattress that limits pressure points and relieves the spine.

Prefer a bed that is easy to wash

It is necessary to wash regularly (at least twice a month) the beds of our furry companions. It's important to remember that when they return from their walks, dogs are likely to bring back a whole collection of parasites, viruses, bacteria and other fungi in their coat. And then there are the odors. To keep your home clean, opt for a bed that can be washed or a plastic basket that can be easily cleaned with a sponge. In any case, choose a bed that can be removed from its cover and is easy to clean.

Study the different types of bedding

Here are the main types of bedding that you can find in stores:
  • Baskets, baskets, bassinets and dog sofas are the most commonly used bedding. Their edges are suitable for most dogs, who feel secure in the enveloping space.
  • Pillows and mattresses without edges do not offer your pet a protective feeling but are suitable for dogs that sleep completely flat. Choose a rectangular shape so that all his limbs are on the bed.
  • Mats come with varying degrees of padding. Some look like cushions, while others are thinner and can be carried easily.
  • Tipis, cabins and igloos allow a shy dog to feel safe with a roof over his head. In addition, he will warm up very easily in this enclosed space.
  • Cooling mats have been on the market for a few years. These products help your pet maintain its body temperature during hot weather.

Choose the right size for your dog

The size of the dog bed is the most important criterion. If the bed is too narrow, your pet will not be able to lie down as it pleases. By contracting his limbs too much, he may suffer from joint pain. On the other hand, if the bed is too large, your pet may feel cold and uncomfortable. To get an idea of the right size, simply measure your dog from snout to tail, then add about 15 cm.

Selecting the basket material

  • Plastic is very practical because it's easy to maintain and therefore more hygienic until your puppy is potty trained. It's a strong, durable material that's also inexpensive. For more comfort, cover the bottom with a carpet, a blanket or a cushion (beware of the puppy who could destroy the padding).
  • Wicker is aesthetically pleasing and generates few allergies in dogs with sensitive skin. However, wicker baskets tend to disappear because they have certain disadvantages: in addition to being difficult to maintain, the branches get damaged and can cause injuries to your dog. If ingested, the branches can also cause internal injuries. If you like the look of wicker, choose woven resin baskets, which are light, washable and resistant.
  • Fleece is very popular because it is inexpensive and provides real comfort to the bed. Faux fur models are very soft and cuddly and offer your pet a cozy refuge. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they fit your home decor!