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The Pug, a small dog with a funny face

We also call him the Pug, this little dog with a so touching face has not finished seducing you. Can be calm or playful, it is also pleasant to live with and very endearing, what to make the happiness of all families.

Characteristics of the Pug

The Pug belongs to the big family of the molossoïdes but of small size (approximately 30 to 40 cm to the withers) for a weight estimated between 8 and 12 kg. It is characterized by its flattened face which often leads it to purr and snore. Around this muzzle are deep and wide wrinkles that give him a really atypical look. The head is round and wide. The ears are thin and small and can be button or pink. Its large and bulging eyes give a glimpse of a very expressive look combining affection and softness.

The coat is always short, smooth and silky and has several possible colors. Another particularity of the Pug concerns its tail which is attached high and forms a very accentuated loop, like a corkscrew.

History of the Pug breed

Even if it knows its most fulgurating success in Europe, the Pug is in fact originating from China. Having more than three millenia of history behind him, he was one of the fetish breeds of the Mandarins as well as the Tibetan monks. It was then introduced in Europe in the 16th century, when the Silk Road was opened. The first country which claimed the paternity of the Pug is initially Holland. But it will be in England that the breed will be officially recognized. To know that the Pug has rubbed shoulders with all the aristocracy and many princesses, of which it was the favorite dog. It is the case of the marquise of Pompadour, the queen Marie-Antoinette or still the duchess of Windsor.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Pug

The Pug is famous to be a true concentrate of softness. It is very fond of its master and will not show any reluctance towards strangers. This breed is especially sought after for its jovial and playful character, which appeals greatly to children. This little prankster loves to be cuddled by his family and enjoys being with them continuously. Since he doesn't need a lot of physical exercise, he is suitable for sedentary or elderly people. Its small size also makes it ideal for apartment living.

Even if it has many qualities, the Pug is a bit of a curmudgeon. To avoid that he leads the dance in your house, making your cohabitation chaotic, educate him from his youngest age.

Food and main health problems of the Pug

Because of its flattened face, the Pug reveals respiratory difficulties. It also does not appreciate when it is too hot. But one of the main health problems attributed to this breed is eye problems. The eyes are affected by inflammation and reddening. Itching, ear infections, redness and other symptoms caused by atopy are another problem that can be encountered by the Pug.

The food when it will be classic. This breed does not need a specific diet. Nevertheless, watch the quantity of food that you give him to avoid the overweight.