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The Pharaoh's dog, with its fine and pure lines

Its fine, clean and elegant lines do not deceive us about its origins. The Pharaoh's Dog is indeed a sighthound that gives off a noble and powerful air. Used as a hunting dog, it is also ideal as a pet.

Characteristics of the Pharaoh Hound

On closer inspection, it is true that the Pharaoh's dog has a royal air about it. He fully deserves his name. But before we talk about its origins and the reasons behind its name, let's first focus on its exceptional physique. This medium-sized dog exudes agility, power and elegance. They have a sleek body that expresses smooth, easy and free movements. Males generally measure between 56 and 63.5 cm and females between 53 and 61 cm. The average weight is 28 kg. The Pharaoh's dog has a dry, long skull, which must be shorter than the muzzle. The stop is light, the jaws are powerful and the nose is liver colored. The eyes of oval form reveal an expression of intelligence and awakening. They are of amber color. As for the ears, they are set high, are mobile and erect when the animal is awake. This breed has a shiny, short, tight and fine coat. The coat is reddish brown with white markings on the toes.

History of the breed Pharaoh's Dog

A very ancient breed, the Pharaoh's Hound also known as the Pharaoh's Greyhound has its origins in ancient Egypt. Its ancestors lived on the Mediterranean coast, especially in Sicily, Crete, the Balearic Islands, Spain and the Maltese islands. The life on these islands has allowed the breed to be isolated and has preserved it from genetic manipulation. It is said that the dog we know today is very close to the Tesem of the Pharaohs. In the 60's, the breed arrived in the United States and in England and from there began its expansion. The Pharaoh's dog is mainly used as a hound which is appreciated for its speed and its flair. It also makes an excellent pet.

Living conditions and behavior of the Pharaoh Dog

At home, the Pharaoh Dog is very affectionate and naturally cheerful. It likes to be cared for and will be gentle and calm if it has everything it needs. He enjoys children and especially playing with them. This dog is vigilant by nature and tends to be wary of strangers, which is why it can also be used for guarding. In order to ensure its well-being and health, it needs to exercise daily. Sporting or hunting masters are perfect for him. As for his living environment, he prefers the countryside and its wide open spaces rather than the urban rush.

Diet and main health problems of the Pharaoh Dog

The Pharaoh Dog is a hardy and robust breed that does not suffer from any particular genetic defect. On the other hand, as its hair is fine and short, it supports very badly the bad weather and the winter cold.