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The Norwegian Puffin Dog, vigorous and intelligent dog

The Norwegian Puffin Dog was first a hunting dog specialized in tracking puffins before becoming a pet prized for its vigor and intelligence. With this dog by your side, you'll never be bored.

Characteristics of the Norwegian Puffin Dog

The Norwegian Puffin Dog is a Spitz type breed and its physical characteristics are there to prove it. It has a body full of vigor, particularly flexible and has a rather average size. The females measure between 32 and 35 cm while the males are between 35 and 38 cm for a weight of 6 to 7 kg according to the sex. In addition to a morphology that fits into a square, the dog reveals an elastic and light gait and a full tail, short and set high. Like all Spitzes, its head is similar to that of a fox, with a round skull, pronounced eyebrows and a pronounced stop. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, another atypical feature of the Spitz. The eyes are slanted and reveal an iris going on a yellowish brown tone. Triangular in shape, the ears are mobile and carried straight. As for the coat, it is necessarily thick and dense. The dress goes from red to fawn, but must always present white tones and a little black on the points.

History of the breed Norwegian Puffin Dog

The Norwegian Puffin Dog, also known as Lundehund, is an ancient breed first mentioned in the 16th century. It is widely used in the northern islands of Norway, whose economy revolved mainly around fishing and farming. The Norwegian Puffin Dog has a very specific physiognomy that allows it to hunt waterfowl hidden in the fjords or cliffs. At the time, the puffin was appreciated for its tender meat, but also for its soft down which was used in the manufacture of quilts and pillows. Despite its success, the Norwegian Puffin Dog almost did not survive the desertification of the country's coasts and the emergence of new hunting techniques. The breed was close to extinction if it wasn't for the intervention of the northern islanders who helped make it a Norwegian cultural symbol.

Living conditions and behavior of the Norwegian Puffin Dog

The Norwegian Puffin Dog is a pleasant dog to live with as a pet. It is affectionate, gentle, sociable and has a balanced temperament, allowing it to be calm when needed and more energetic when required. He adapts very well to family life, as he gets along with children. This great player never tires of having fun with them. This dog is also a good guardian, as it is wary of strangers. Its well-being depends on a suitable living environment. He tends to dislike noise and crowds and therefore cannot live in the city. It must be able to let off steam as much as possible.

Food and main health problems of the Norwegian Puffin Dog

The Norwegian Puffin Dog suffers from a disease that affects the intestines and which bears its name Lundehund Syndrome. This pathology is caused by a failure in the assimilation of proteins and is manifested by vomiting, weight loss, intermittent diarrhea, lethargy and subcutaneous edema. The animal should be fed a high quality, low fat diet to avoid lymphangiectasis.