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The Kerry Blue Terrier, a dog with a strong character

Despite its strong character, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a great companion dog. They get along with children so well that they are even called "the nanny". Energetic and intelligent, this Irish breed has more than one trick up its sleeve to please families.

Kerry Blue Terrier Characteristics

Resolutely athletic, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a multi-tasking dog that can run, retrieve, herd, swim, hike and even kill prey when needed. They owe their abilities to their muscular, well-developed and well-proportioned physique, which is typical of terriers. The animal has a short hindquarters and long legs accompanied by a strong bone structure. It looks like its body is moving forward. The female measures between 44,5 and 48 cm while the male is between 45,5 and 49,5 cm for a weight of 15 to 18 kg. This terrier can be recognized by its fiery head which has a well-balanced skull and a slightly marked stop. The muzzle is straight, the nose is black and the jaws are formidable. The Kerry Blue Terrier is also distinguished by its medium-sized eyes, hazel or darker in color and well positioned. The V-shaped ears are thin, of intermediate size and carried forward. The coat is wavy, dense and soft. The coat should be on a blue tone overall and reveal black tips.

History of the Kerry Blue Terrier breed

The Kerry Blue Terrier is an Irish breed originally used as an all-purpose farm dog and as a ratter. There is very little written record of its true history. It is known, however, that it is a cross between an old native breed and a sheepdog. The breed developed mainly in County Kerry. It gained popularity after an appearance at a dog show in the 19th century. During World War II, the Kerry Blue Terrier was unfortunately used as a fighting dog.

Living conditions and behavior of the Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier has built its success around its versatility. He was used as a herding dog, then as a deep water otter dog, hunting dog, underground badger dog and even as a police and security dog. He also finds his way as a pet. He is a gentle, loyal, calm and intelligent companion. Sometimes, he can be a little overbearing, but good training will rectify this. The Kerry Blue Terrier also gets along wonderfully with children and can play for hours with them. Its advantage is that it can live in a house or an apartment provided that it is given sufficient walks and exercise.

Diet and main health problems of the Kerry Blue Terrier

It is important to keep a close eye on the health of the Kerry Blue Terrier, as it can suffer from certain diseases such as dislocation of the kneecap, heart disease or cerebellar atrophy. His diet must be balanced and can be based on homemade or industrial food.