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The Broholmer, the perfect watchdog

The Broholmer could easily be mistaken for the Mastiff, Boerboel or Tosa with its impressive molosser-like physique. The Broholmer is a dog breed originating from Denmark that makes an exceptional family dog, but also a very good watchdog.

Characteristics of the Broholmer

The Broholmer is a large, massive, muscular dog with a body that fits into a rectangle. Its energetic and powerful appearance contributes to its particularity. It measures about 70 cm for the female and 75 cm for the male and weighs on average between 40 and 70 kg depending on the sex. This dog is recognizable by its large and massive head that does not stand out from the rest of the body. The skull is flat and wide, the muzzle is massive and the stop is not very accentuated. The animal's eyes are of intermediate size, round in shape and with an amber tone. It reveals a look full of assurance which shows that this dog is not afraid of the eyes. The ears are set high, of medium size and fall to the cheeks. The Broholmer's coat is short and close lying. The coat comes in several colors: golden red, black or fawn. The dog wears a black mask. The presence of white on the feet, chest and tip of the tail is tolerated by the standard.

History of the Broholmer breed

The Broholmer is a very old breed whose existence goes back to the Middle Ages. It originates from Denmark and is a cross between dogs imported by the Vikings and some German mastiffs. Originally, this breed was mainly used to guard herds and houses and to hunt deer. Gradually, improvements were made to the animal's genetics and English mastiff blood was added. The popularity of the Broholmer was built up in the 18th century thanks to Count Sehested of Broholm. Today, this dog is rare as there are only 800 specimens in the world.

Living conditions and behavior of the Broholmer

Behind its intimidating appearance lies a calm, affectionate and confident dog. It is said that the Broholmer has a heart of gold: it is deeply attached to its owners and would not exchange its family life for anything in the world. In addition to this great affection, it is also a lively animal, smart, docile and pleasant to live with. He will never say no to a game of play with the kids, but interactions must be constantly supervised, because the animal can hurt the little ones because of his size. When it comes to living arrangements, one thing is for sure: this hound will not fit in a small studio. He needs a lot of space and daily exercise.

The Broholmer's diet and main health problems

The Broholmer is a very robust dog. A very strict follow-up is operated by the Danish breeders in order to avoid the development of hereditary diseases. On the other hand, it is advisable to constantly monitor the ear canal to prevent infections. As for the food, it must be adapted to the slow growth of the animal from its young age then, once adult, it will be calibrated according to its way of life and its health.