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The Russkiy Toy, miniature dog breed

The name alone suggests the physical characteristics of this dog. The Russkiy Toy is a miniature breed often confused with the Chihuahua because of its size. This breed will fascinate you by its incredible history.

Characteristics of the Russkiy Toy

The Russkiy Toy is the ultimate companion dog and is distinguished by its small size. They have long, slender legs and limbs and well-defined muscles. Its lightness, dynamism and liveliness give it a beautiful appearance. The animal measures on average between 20 and 28 cm and weighs from 1 to 3 kg. Physically, it looks like a Chihuahua. It develops a head proportional to the body with a high skull, without being excessively wide, a well accentuated stop, a pointed and dry muzzle, a black and small nose as well as dry and fine lips. The eyes stand out from the rest of the body, because they are relatively large. Of round form, they are distinguished in addition to their prominence by their dark color and their good distance. As for the ears, they are thin, large, erect and set high. This little Russian dog, as it is also called, has a long or short and smooth coat. The coat can be brown and tan, black and tan or blue and tan. It can also have brown tones. Only spotted coats are forbidden by the standard.

History of the Russkiy Toy breed

The Russkiy Toy has a fascinating history that began in the 20th century. At that time, its ancestor the English Toy Terrier was considered a royal breed and was present in the Russian court. Adulated and pampered by the ladies of the nobility, this dog had a future until the advent of the October revolution. During this event, which sounded the death knell of the imperial regime, all the symbols of royalty were decimated, including the Little Russian Dogs. Fortunately, from the 50's, some passionate breeders decided to revive the breed. But the subjects obtained had nothing to do with the English Toy Terrier. It is in this way that the Russkiy Toy appears. This last one had difficulty to be recognized at the international level, because it will be necessary to wait until 2006 so that it is accepted by the FCI (Fédération cynologique internationale).

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Russkiy Toy

The Little Russian Dog is the perfect pet, already because of its small size. It is "portable" and you can take it everywhere, even during your vacations. It is also a mischievous animal, lively but knows how to remain wise and quiet when it is necessary. Sociable and always in a good mood, he will get along wonderfully with children. Some rules are nevertheless necessary. Excessive handling should be avoided to avoid hurting the animal.

Feeding and main health problems of the Russkiy Toy

Despite its small size, the Russkiy Toy is a robust and strong dog. However, it is necessary to watch for the appearance of skin problems or the development of pro-alveolitis, which manifests itself by a forward tilt of the incisors.