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The Manchester Terrier, a graceful and elegant dog

A model of grace and elegance, the Manchester Terrier was originally specialized in hunting vermin before becoming a very good pet. It is a good guardian and a joyful laugh that brings joy to families.

Characteristics of the Manchester Terrier

Revealing a body with substance, the Manchester Terrier stands out for its robustness and elegance. It does not go unnoticed with its muscular and powerful hind legs and straight forelegs well positioned on the body. The average height of the dog is 38 cm for a female and 41 cm for a male. The weight is around 8 kg. The Manchester Terrier has a narrow, flat and wedge-shaped skull, but it is long. The lips are tight, the jaws are of equal length and the nose is black. The Manchester Terrier is recognized by its bright, dark, almond-shaped eyes. The V-shaped ears are small. The dog has a short, smooth, close coat that should be jet black and tan.

History of the Manchester Terrier breed

As the title suggests, the Manchester Terrier is an English breed. It is said to be a cross between the Whippet and the Old Black and Tan Terrier, a pest hunter that had its heyday in the North of England. During the 19th century, dog shows were very successful. It is because of this phenomenon that the Manchester Terrier was created. It did not take long for it to win the hearts of the British people, even if it meant stealing the show from the little dogs that accompanied the ladies. It was even nicknamed the Gentlemen's dog because of its elegant appearance. Although the breed was very popular at one time, today it is little known outside of the English borders. In fact, due to the gradual reduction of the Manchester Terrier population, they are classified as a "vulnerable native breed".

Living requirements and behavior of the Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier has many qualities. They are affectionate, loyal, gentle yet cheerful, quick and lively. It is a perfect pet for families with children, as it gets along very well with little ones as long as they learn to respect it. Untiring, he will never refuse a game of play to please his human companions. If properly trained, the Manchester Terrier can get along with other animals. However, because of its ratter origins, it may start chasing birds, rodents or small animals. As for his lifestyle, he loves the comfort and warmth of an apartment. But it must be able to do regular physical exercises and walks.

Nutrition and major health problems of the Manchester Terrier

Before adopting a Manchester Terrier, it is strongly recommended to check that it is not predisposed to certain hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia, patella luxation and Willebrand disease type I.