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The Clumber Spaniel, dog of imposing size

A dog of imposing size, the Clumber Spaniel has swapped its role of hunting dog for that of pet. It is a dog pleasant to live with, faithful and affectionate which will get along wonderfully with the children being an inveterate player.

Characteristics of the Clumber Spaniel

Belonging to the large family of Spaniels, the Clumber Spaniel stands out because of its somewhat atypical physique. It is relatively heavy, low on legs and especially corpulent. It is a large dog that measures between 43 and 51 cm and weighs between 25 and 35 kg. It is said that it has a physiognomy resembling that of the Sussex spaniel. Apart from its massive bone structure, this dog is distinguished by its bulky head which is medium long and square in shape. It has a strong muzzle with a few freckles as well as front legs. It has clear eyes a little sunken which display a dark amber color. The ears remind of a vine leaf. They are large and go forward. The Clumber Spaniel has a long and abundant coat that has a soft texture and a straight shape. The chest and limbs are trimmed with thick bangs. The dog should have a white coat dotted with orange and lemon colors.

History of the Clumber Spaniel breed

The true origins of the Clumber Spaniel are relatively unclear. Some say that its origins would be French where it would have appeared for the first time. Others say that it would rather come from England and would be the result of a cross between Spaniels, Saint Bernards and Bassets. The breed was very appreciated by the nobility. Prince Albert and his son Edward VII of the United Kingdom contributed greatly to the success of the Clumber Spaniel. Like many dogs, it almost disappeared during the 20th century before regaining its letters of nobility from 1925 thanks to George V. Today, the breed is extremely rare.

Living conditions and behavior of the Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is nicknamed the aristocrat of the Spaniels certainly because of the natural elegance that it gives off despite its massiveness. It is a dog which cumulates many qualities. It is calm, stable, kind and easy to live with. He tends to bond with one member of the family in particular. But this does not prevent him from being fond of other humans. He gets along very well with children and can play for many hours with them. The Clumber Spaniel can not be used for guarding, because it barks very little. This dog is not very active either, although it needs at least one hour of daily walk.

Feeding and main health problems of the Clumber Spaniel

Because of its strong corpulence, the Clumber Spaniel is fragile at the level of its articulations and its skeleton. He can be affected by elbow pain, hip dysplasia or complete ossification of the humeral condyle. It is also advisable to watch out for hereditary eye disorders that can be detected through tests.