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The Porcelain or Franche-Comté dog

It owes its name to its transparent white coat which reminds the appearance of porcelain. The Franche-Comté Dog, affectionately known as the Porcelain, is an extremely old French breed that has built its reputation on its hunting skills.

Characteristics of the Porcelaine

Of medium size, the Porcelaine is distinguished by its elegant shape and distinguished appearance. Its muscular body and harmonious bone structure give it a vigorous and athletic appearance. It is a dog clearly cut for speed. It measures on average between 50 and 58 cm. Its weight goes from 20 to 25 kg. There is no big difference in measurements between the male and the female. The Porcelain is recognizable by its sculpted head which reminds the shape of a pear with a large skull, a flat forehead and a stop relatively accentuated, but without excess. The muzzle is of correct length and ends in a bustle while displaying a black and developed nose. The dog has a look full of softness and intelligence which has a dark color. It is also distinguished by its large, thin, floppy ears that reach the muzzle. As for the coat, it is short, shiny, fine and tight. Thick and coarse hair is not tolerated. The standard admits only the white dresses strewn with small orange markings.

History of the breed Porcelain

The origins of the Franche-Comté Dog are not known with any accuracy. There is very little to say on the subject. It is known that the breed is one of the oldest in the country. Coming straight from Franche-Comté, it would be a descendant of the white Saint-Hubert of Lorraine and the White Dogs of the Roys. During the Ancien Régime, the animal would have been called "Briquet Franc Comtois" and was mainly used in the hunting of blood game. The name Porcelaine would have been given by Théodore de Foudras, a dog writer. This breed almost became extinct during the Revolution if it wasn't for the passion of a few breeders who brought it back to life in the 19th century.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Porcelain Dog

The Porcelain is a hunting dog par excellence. Sporting, courageous and impetuous, it develops a lot of vigor and an excellent nose. It is also recognized a very beautiful voice. This breed can be used for company. Joy of living, constancy, fidelity and affection are part of its many qualities. This dog can become a good companion for children. To be happy, it absolutely needs long daily walks that will allow it to spend all its energy.

Food and main health problems of the Porcelain

The Porcelain is an energetic and vigorous animal, it needs a sufficient energy supply. Its diet must be adapted to its lifestyle, weight and health. On this point, it is necessary to watch the problems of stomach turning. Daily rations must be divided in two and physical activities after meals are prohibited.