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The Poitevin, a dog with an affectionate character

The Poitevin is a hunting dog par excellence, excelling in big game hunting. But it can also live in family thanks to its affectionate and friendly character. True runner born, it will need on the other hand of sporting Masters to be happy and in full form.

Characteristics of the Poitevin

A large hound, the Poitevin is cut out for work, so to speak. With its slender and elegant appearance, it combines strength, perfection and lightness. Females measure between 60 and 70 cm and males between 62 and 72 cm. Depending on sex and age, the average weight is 30 kg. The Poitevin is immediately recognizable by its head, which is not very large and rather elongated, revealing prominent bones. The skull is flattened, the muzzle is rounded, the nose is large and strong and the muzzle is slightly tapered. We will not fail to mention the large brown eyes that are surrounded by a black halo and that show a beautiful expressive look. The ears are thin, of medium size and set slightly low. They are also drooping and a little turned. The Poitevin is recognizable by its short, shiny coat and its tricolored coat with a black mantle and white and orange markings.

History of the Poitevin breed

The Poitevin has very old origins which go back to the end of the XVIIth century when it was called "Chien du Haut-Poitou". It is the wolf hunters who were at the initiative of its creation and its naming of Poitevin in the middle of the XXth century. The Poitevin would be born from a cross between the Montemboeuf and the Ceris which are now extinct. The latter would have as ancestor the famous white dog of the king who was present in the royal packs. The Poitevin would also have blood of Saintongeois, Foxhound, the English Greyhound as well as Irish hounds. It was close to extinction during the French Revolution without the intervention of a few passionate breeders.

Living conditions and behavior of the Poitevin

Passionate about its work, courageous and tireless, this dog has all the qualities sought after in a pet. Thanks to a deep chest, it has the ability to run for hours. In addition to its status as a hunting dog, it is also a great pet. It is attached to its masters without being overflowing with affection, because it is used to living in a pack and not surrounded by humans. It is also a balanced and very intelligent animal. On the other hand, he is not really playful and prefers to concentrate on his work. This defect does not prevent him from getting along with children. Still because of its origins as a pack dog, it does not tolerate isolation and loneliness. To be healthy and happy, it absolutely needs sporty masters, because it must be able to run and let off steam as regularly as possible.

Diet and main health problems of the Poitevin

The Poitevin is a robust animal that is not predisposed to any specific hereditary disease. It supports as much the strong heats as the cold and wet climates. Its diet should be varied and adapted to its physical activity and age.