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The Kai, a dog with a strong temperament from Japan

Originating from the country of the Rising Sun, the Kai is a particularly rare breed that is distinguished by its typical Spitz appearance. Its assertive temperament does not prevent it from being a good pet.

Characteristics of the Kai

The Kai is a medium-sized dog with a robust and harmonious constitution and a pronounced musculature. Like most dogs that come from the Japanese mountains, it also has very pronounced hocks and strong legs. Female dogs are on average 48 cm tall and males are about 53 cm. The weight depends on the sex and the size and goes from 15 to 25 kg. The Kai has a head with a broad forehead and a sharp stop. The muzzle is quite pointed as in most Spitzes. The nose is black, the jaws are strong and the lips are tight. Physically, the Kai has all the characteristics of a fox. Its eyes in triangle are small and dark brown. The ears are of medium size and triangle shaped as well. To conform to the standard, the Kai must have a short coat and a brindle, red brindle and black brindle. Because of this specific pattern, the Kai is often called Tora Inu which means "tiger dog".

History of the Kai breed

Like many Japanese breeds, the origins of the Kai are relatively unclear. It seems to have developed in the green and mountainous regions southwest of Tokyo, in the Kai district now known as Yamanashi. Its existence dates back to the 5th to the 15th century, but the first selections only started in the 18th century. The animal owes its fame to the prosecutor of the city of Kofu, Daisuke Adachi, who was attracted by the brindle coat of the dog. In 1934, the Kai was awarded the title of national monument in Japan due to its purity, among other things.

Living conditions and behavior of the Kai

The Kai is not the most recommended breed for company. It is not really known to be demonstrative and is known to have a strong temperament. This does not prevent it from developing many other qualities. Indeed, it is an active breed, faithful, very alert and endowed with a lot of intelligence. It is also very independent and calm when necessary. The Kai can also be a good watchdog, as it is reserved when dealing with strangers. For its well-being, this dog needs the maximum of physical activities, whether it lives in town or in the country. Tracking activities, among others, will do him a lot of good if he does not practice hunting.

Diet and main health problems of the Kai

The Kai is a primitive dog that is distinguished by its robustness. Since its genetics has been little manipulated, it does not show any specific hereditary disease. To keep him in good shape, it is enough to provide him with a diet adapted to his lifestyle and health.