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The Hovawart, intelligent and versatile dog

Chosen for its companionship, the Hovawart can also take on the role of guard dog, search dog or even dog for the disabled. One thing is certain: this breed shines for its versatility.

Characteristics of the Hovawart

The Hovawart is a medium-sized utility dog with a rectangular body that is aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Females measure between 55 and 65 cm while males are between 60 and 70 cm. Depending on the sex and age, the dog can weigh between 27 and 40 kg. The Hovawart is recognizable by its strong head, its rounded and broad forehead and its well accentuated stop. The strong muzzle, the joined lips and the nose, which can be snowy or black depending on the color of the coat, are some of the animal's special features. The dark brown eyes are oval shaped and have a balanced appearance. As for the ears, the triangle shape as well as the high attachment allow to recognize the Hovawart. It has a thick, long and wavy coat that can be blond, solid black or with tan markings.

History of the Hovawart breed

The Hovawart comes from Germany and is a very old dog that has been mentioned since the Middle Ages. Its name means "farm guard". Indeed, it was mainly used for this task. This dog has undergone severe selections during its life. An improvement was made by crossing with the Leonberger, the Newfoundland or the German Shepherd. Moreover, one of the founders of the German Shepherd Club, Captain von Stephaniz, even indicated that the Hovawart was an ancestor of the German Shepherd. Like many breeds, it almost perished during the Second World War. Fortunately, interest in this dog continued to grow among breeders, which allowed it, among other things, to finally be officially recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) on November 21, 1955.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Hovawart

As a pet, the Hovawart has many qualities. It is of kind nature, attached to its family and especially endowed with a great intelligence which enables him to understand the orders very quickly. It is the ideal companion for children. Its sporting nature makes it tireless in the sessions of games. Versatile, the Hovawart is able to lead the guard thanks to its very developed instinct of protection. It is also used as a police and security dog and to accompany disabled people. As for his lifestyle, although he can live in the city, it is preferable to offer him a house with a garden rather than a tiny apartment.

Diet and main health problems of the Hovawart

The average life expectancy of the Hovawart is 14 years. One of the diseases that can greatly impact its health is hip dysplasia which has been very common in this breed. However, the percentage of occurrence of this defect, especially in Germany, has decreased enormously thanks to drastic selections. In addition to dysplasia, the animal can also be affected by degenerative myelopathy. Appearing around the age of ten years, the pathology very often affects the German Shepherd. It affects the spinal cord and causes the loss of motor skills in the hindquarters. Eventually, the dog suffers a cardiac arrest.