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Is the pit bull necessarily a dangerous dog?

It is said that he is a very aggressive and violent dog. The American Pitbull Terrier has a reputation that is not very glorious, especially due to its past. But in reality, this animal is faithful and affectionate. Its character depends on the education it has received.

Origins and physical characteristics of the pit bull

The Pitbull has the same size as the molossoids even if it is not part of this category. It impresses by its lively air and its very strong muscles. It has a rather short body and a short tail compared to the body. The Pitbull has a round and imposing head with semi-erect ears. The eyes are rather small and round. The Pitbull has a coat with short hair. The dress as for it can raise various colors: white, fawn, black, red, brown...

Concerning its origins, it is necessary to know that this breed is not recent since it would have appeared towards the 18th or 19th century and would be resulting from a crossing between the terrier and the bulldog. At that time, the Pitbull was already used as a fighting dog against bears or bulls. Later on, it became a guard dog, but also a herding dog. From the 80's on, breeders started to develop the breed again, but with bad intentions since the dogs are mainly used as guard dogs or fighting dogs. Everything is done to develop their aggressiveness.

A dog victim of preconceived ideas

Since then, this reputation of aggressive dog has not left the Pitbull. In France, this dog has even been classified as a dangerous dog. The law is therefore very strict about them. Owners are not allowed to give or sell these dogs on French territory. Pitbulls can only be owned by people of legal age and must never be let out without a leash or muzzle. They are not allowed to walk in public places or be on public transportation.

The Pitbull is considered dangerous even though many owners testify to the good character of this dog. The only problem is that it cannot be owned by people who have no experience in dog training or who are first-time dog owners. Indeed, the Pitbull has an overflowing energy that it is very important to channel. Also, this dog is not made to evolve in an apartment or, in this case, at the limit, it is necessary to take him out as regularly as possible each day so that he stretches himself.

Rules to follow before taking in a pit bull

The Pitbull is not genetically disposed to be aggressive. On the contrary, it is a very cuddly and affectionate animal that is also obedient, attentive and very intelligent compared to other dogs. You just have to give him the essentials: attention, a good education and, above all, a lot of space so that he can exercise. Be careful, as he does not know his strength, it is not recommended to leave him with small children without supervision.