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6 natural anti-fleas for your dog

To rid your dog of fleas, you can prepare natural flea repellents based on common products that cost only a few euros at most. They also allow you to treat the dog's environment, which is essential to eradicate these parasites. Between white vinegar or apple vinegar, garlic clove, some essential oils, mint and eucalyptus leaves, citrus fruits and brewer's yeast, here are the 6 natural solutions against fleas that are very effective and safe for canines.

Natural flea control for dogs: vinegar

Whether it's white vinegar or apple vinegar, this product helps fight fleas naturally. Simply dilute 250 ml of vinegar in the same amount of water and use this solution as a conditioner.

In addition to killing fleas and therefore treating the dog completely against parasites, this has the additional effect of making the hair silky and giving it back its shine. Care should be taken not to get vinegar in the animal's eyes or on its nose.

A crushed garlic clove to scare away fleas

You should avoid adding garlic to your dog's food because it can be toxic. However, you can crush a clove of garlic and sprinkle it on your dog's coat before rubbing it in well. The strong smell of garlic acts as a repellent. It is therefore a natural flea repellent to use before a long hike in the nature, or from time to time even if the dog spends most of his time at home.

Essential oils to treat your dog naturally against fleas

Some essential oils (EO) are well known to work naturally against fleas. They are for example:
  • True lavender EO (or true lavender),
  • Cedar EO,
  • Eucalyptus EO,
  • Thyme EO,
  • Rosemary EO,
  • Mint EO.
Be careful not to abuse and never use essential oils on a cat because they are toxic for the little feline. On the other hand, those listed above are suitable for dogs.

You can prepare a 100% natural flea repellent for dogs by putting 5 drops of one or the other of these essential oils in almond oil or in water and rubbing it into the animal's coat. Of course, avoid pouring it into the ear canal, the eyes and the nose.

Natural flea repellent for dogs: the mint and eucalyptus leaf bath

If you grow mint in a pot or in an aromatic garden and you are lucky enough to have a eucalyptus tree, don't hesitate to pick a large handful of leaves and infuse them in a liter of boiling water. After about fifteen minutes, filter and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

This minty eucalyptus product can then be sprayed on the dog's basket but also on its coat. You can even pour a large glass of it into the bathtub to prepare a flea bath in which you just have to immerse your dog. Just be careful not to splash his eyes. You massage his coat well with this water and then dry his little companion in a large bath sheet.

If the dog does not appreciate the bathtub, one can be satisfied to vaporize its hair with this infusion and to brush it well then to let it dry naturally.

The smell of mint and eucalyptus is a good flea repellent that is safe for your dog.

Citrus fruits against fleas in dogs

They smell good and they are also effective against fleas. Citrus fruits can therefore be used to treat your dog against these undesirables. They can be used in different ways, namely:
  • Squeeze a lime or lemon and rub the juice on your dog. The same result can be obtained with oranges, grapefruits and others.
  • Prepare a homemade anti-flea lotion by adding the juice obtained after squeezing a lime or a lemon or an orange to 60 cl of water. Spray it generously on your dog's coat, but also on all the places where your pet likes to settle: carpets, chairs, sofa, armchair, basket, plaid, comforter...
  • Give your dog a citrus bath: the day before, cut slices of various citrus fruits and place them in 75 cl of boiling water, then leave to infuse overnight, covered. The next day, the lotion is collected and spread on the animal's coat. It is then necessary to rub energetically. There is no need to rinse unless the dog doesn't seem to like this deliciously scented and completely natural anti-flea lotion at all.
As for all the other solutions described here, you must of course take care to avoid the eye area.

Brewer's yeast for a flea food

Brewer's yeast is natural and effective against fleas because it is rich in thiamine hydrochloride, another name for vitamin B1. Moreover, it is safe for dogs. If you want to use it as an internal deworming agent, just put a teaspoon of brewer's yeast in your pet's food. It is good against fleas, but also very useful for the health of the dog.

In addition, nothing prevents you from rubbing your dog's fur with the equivalent of a glass of brewer's yeast and to insist that it penetrates the fur so that it can act on the skin. After two or three days, the master can pass the brush and/or a comb on the totality of the hair of his small companion to eliminate the dead fleas. The operation can be repeated every 7 or 8 days for 3 to 4 weeks.