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Top 5 breeds of naked or hairless dogs

3 hairless dog breeds are officially recognized by the International Kennel Club Federation: the Chinese Crested Dog, the Mexican Hairless Dog and the Peruvian Hairless Dog. To this list, you can add two other breeds: the Argentinean Hairless Dog and the American Hairless Terrier.

Chinese Crested Dog

Originally from China, the Chinese Crested Dog is said to be the ancestor of the Mexican Hairless Dog. In the past, they were used to guard their owners' property or to hunt pests. Today, it is a dog considered gentle and never aggressive, provided it is given a strict education.

It is a small dog. It has hair, localized on the head, the lower parts of the limbs and the tail. The rest of the body is bare. There is a variety where the hair is a little more present: it is then said "Powder-Puff". These will be brushed daily and their neck will be shaved in a V shape so that the dog meets the standards.

The Mexican Naked Dog

This is a rare breed of dog. It has some hair on the forehead and neck. There is also a variety with hair.

One of its more complicated names -xoloitzcuintle- refers to the Aztec god Xolotl. Traditionally, the Aztecs would have bred these dogs to be sacrificed during funeral rituals because they were supposed to lead the souls of the deceased to the territory of the dead. They were also used to heat the beds.

It is a dog that, as an adult, has a calm and affectionate temperament, but the puppies are very active: without exercise, they can become destructive. It is a good alert dog because, with a suspicious temperament, it barks easily in case of abnormal situation. The rest of the time, it is discreet. It is necessary to be attentive with its reactions in the presence of small children because the unforeseen ones are often with the appointment.

The Peruvian Naked Dog

Representations of this race of dog would appear on ceramics pre-Inca dating from the 4th century before our era. The Peruvian Naked Dog has a few hairs, only on the head, forming a small black crest.

Because of the absence of hair, these dogs transmit their body heat more easily. That's why, before the progress of medicine, we saw people suffering from rheumatism or articular pains using them to relieve them by their heat. It was all the easier to use them this way because they are excellent companion dogs, particularly affectionate.

There are three different sizes for this breed. These dogs are of a calm nature and adapt to any lifestyle. It remains of rather fragile constitution. It must be protected from the cold, but also from excessive sunlight.

The Argentine Pila Dog

This breed is related to the Mexican Naked Dog and the Peruvian Naked Dog. Many dogs of this breed have hair on their head and tail, but it is sparse and dry like straw. Their ears are long and pointed, and are always erect. There are three different sizes for this breed.

Their morphology evokes a little that of the sighthounds. The body draws strong lines: they are fast dogs. Affectionate, they are also well adapted to families with a high rhythm of activity.

The American Hairless Terrier

This is a small dog, the only one on the list that is truly hairless. There is also a short-haired variety.

It is a dog known for its tonicity that must be well trained to avoid injury in its activities. As it is a terrier, it digs a lot. But it cannot make a good hunting dog because of the lack of hair which makes it more vulnerable to scratching from the brush. He is also a good swimmer who will not fail to answer the call of the water. But it is particularly intelligent and easily integrates the orders.

An occasional bath will be enough to keep him clean. He seems more solid than the other dogs on this list.