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The Spinone, a dog with a rustic look

The Spinone is easily recognizable by its long coat giving it a rustic look. A pointing dog par excellence, it is very well suited as a companion dog, because it is balanced and pleasant to live with.

Characteristics of the Spinone

The Spinone attracts attention because of its physique. Apart from its rustic appearance and its large size, this dog has a body that can be squared off with a powerful musculature and a strong bone structure. The females measure 58 to 65 cm and the males between 60 and 70 cm. The weight is between 30 and 35 kg. Vigorous and robust, the Spinone can be recognized by its oval head revealing a skull and a muzzle as long as each other. The dog has a barely visible stop, a large nose and a straight muzzle. It has large, open, spaced eyes with eyebrows. The face of the Spinone is densely covered with hair and has a beard and thick whiskers. The coat is long, hard, stiff and flat. It is short on the ears, the muzzle and the legs. The animal has a coat with different shades of white: pure, with orange roan spots, brown or brown roan, with orange flecks or orange markings.

History of the Spinone breed

The Spinone has an ancient origin that comes from Italy. It is said to be descended from the ancient griffons that were brought to the country by the Greeks. This dog would have had different names on the peninsula and is the result of a natural selection that contributed to strengthen its hunting skills. It is said that it was born from a cross between the porcelain, the Korthals or the German Pointer. This dog has been very well known in the past, as it has been represented in many pictorial works, including the one by Andrea Mantegna, which was done in the 15th century. Famous authors such as Aristotle, Seneca and Xenophon have also mentioned it.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Spinone

The Spinone is known for its courage and robustness. It is not afraid of harsh climates and uneven terrain. It does not hesitate to dive into swamps and to evolve in the middle of brambles to bring back its preys. Spinone means "bramble" in Italian. The animal excels as a companion dog. It is patient, gentle and has a balanced character. The cohabitation with the children does not pose any problem. However, this dog needs to live in a house with a large garden to be in its element. If there is no other choice but to live in an apartment in the city, it will require regular physical activity.

Diet and main health problems of the Spinone

The longevity of the Spinone reaches 13 years. It can be affected by a degenerative pathology called hereditary polyneuropathy that affects the nerves. The animal can suffer from hip dysplasia. Over the years, as the dog ages, the appearance of osteoarthritis cannot be ruled out. In addition, the Spinone is prone to stomach turning. Its meals must be divided into two daily to prevent this pathology. Intense physical exercise after meals is also prohibited.