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The Miniature Spitz or dwarf spirits, a dog with a cute face

It's hard to resist his cute face, his small size and his fluffy coat. The dwarf spitz is a real ball of love that will make your family happy. But beware of his intense vocalizations if you have trouble with the noise!

Characteristics of the Miniature Spitz

Pomeranian, Pomeranian or toy, so many names that are used to designate a single breed of dog: the dwarf spitz. Belonging to the family of miniature dogs, it is only 18 to 22 centimeters high at the withers and weighs a maximum of 3.5 kg. It has a medium-sized head, wider at the back, but thinner at the muzzle, which slightly resembles that of a wolf or fox. The eyes are dark and the ears triangular, while remaining systematically pointed upwards. The tail is always erect on the back and has abundant hair. As for the coat, several colors are allowed, among which are white, black, red, gray or brown. The hairs are long, smooth and fluffy.

History of the Miniature Spitz breed

The Miniature Spitz originated in Germany and is part of the German Spitz breed. It is said that this breed is descended from the bog dogs of the Stone Age. This is how old this breed is and it is one of the oldest known breeds in Central Europe. Because of its irresistible face and its small size, the dwarf spitz has attracted the attention of many famous people, such as Marie-Antoinette of Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Emile Zola or Georges Courteline. Towards the XXth century, however, he lost his notoriety. It will not mix any more with the beautiful world but will be rather used as dog of concierge. At the time, all the lodges of concierges will call upon its talents of big barker to warn of the arrival of foreigners in the buildings.

Living conditions and behavior of the Miniature Spitz

Companion dog par excellence, the dwarf spitz will be able to evolve perfectly in apartment in particular thanks to its small size, but beware of overflowing. As it develops a vivacity and a dynamic without equal, it is important to ensure its daily walks preferably by maintaining it in lead to ensure its safety. In any case, since he is small in size, he does not need much exercise.

Intelligent and outgoing, Miniature Spitzes like to feel valued and admired. That's why they're great for dog training or beauty pageants.

Diet and Major Health Concerns of the Miniature Spitz

Despite its small size, the Miniature Spitz is very strong. However, you should be aware of a few health problems, such as Alopecia X, which is a skin infection that leads to coat damage and hair loss. This disease is not very serious in itself but it affects the general aesthetics of the animal, which is however its biggest asset. Bone disorders are also to be monitored.

As for his diet, give preference to home-made food made of vegetables and 70 g of raw meat. Treats should be avoided so that he doesn't become overweight. Kibbles are possible, provided they are of good quality.