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The Little Brabançon, dog with the head of a marmoset

Behind his marmoset head with an almost human expression hides an alert, intelligent and lively companion dog that adapts to all families. Its small size allows the Petit Brabançon to accompany its owners in all their movements.

Characteristics of the Petit Brabançon

The Petit Brabançon is a small dog with a muscular physique, a strong bone structure and a robust body. They are very elegant and have a proud and dignified appearance. This dog attracts all the attention by its expressive face which reveals human features. The massive head has a rounded skull with a very pronounced stop, a black nose, a short muzzle, black lips and a prognathic jaw. It arouses excitement in dog lovers by its soft look highlighted by large black eyes well spaced between them that reveal a brown color. The ears are small and are also well spaced. They are set high, semi-erect and curved forward. The Petit Brabançon has a short, shiny, close-lying, rough coat. The standard only accepts red, black or black and tan coats.

History of the breed Petit Brabançon

Belonging to the family of small Belgian dogs in the same way as the Griffon Bruxellois and the Griffon Belge, the Petit Brabançon is a descendant of the "Smousje", a Belgian breed that has been known for several centuries and that was mainly used at the time to hunt vermin and as a guard dog. To obtain this small Belgian dog, it was necessary to cross the Smousje with Carlins and King Charles Spaniels. The breed gained popularity when it was adopted by Queen Marie-Henriette of Belgium. An export to various foreign countries also contributed to the success of the Petit Brabançon which is not only known and appreciated in Belgium.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Petit Brabançon

The Petit Brabançon has many qualities. Its small size is not to be trusted. It is a dynamic, alert and cheerful animal that fills its family with happiness. It is an inveterate player that is why it can cohabit without problem with small children. We can count on him in all situations. He develops a balanced temperament and is neither aggressive nor fearful. He knows how to keep watch with brilliance. On the other hand, this dog has difficulty to support loneliness. A defect that it is advisable to rectify as of its young age. In any case, the education of the Petit Brabançon is rather easy. As a lifestyle, it adapts to all environments. Its small size allows it to live in an apartment. In these conditions, it is strongly advised to walk him every day.

Diet and main health problems of the Petit Brabançon

The Petit Brabançon can live up to 14 years on average. It does not have any specific disease and thus pleases for its robustness. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid making him practise too intense physical exercises during the periods of big heat, because he can manifest respiratory disorders.