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The Drahthaar or German Wirehaired Pointer, energetic and enduring dog

The German Wirehaired Pointer, also known as the Drahthaar, is a hunting dog par excellence, distinguished by its energetic and harmonious appearance, built for endurance and strength. Its harsh coat gives it perfect protection during its hunting activities.

Characteristics of the Drahthaar

The Drahthaar strikes above all for its suppleness and the impression of speed that it gives off. It is a dog with a harmonious physique and a great energy that has a dry construction. They are large in size, with a female measuring between 57 and 64 cm and a male between 61 and 68 cm and weighing between 26 and 31 kg depending on age and sex. This animal has a harmonious head compared to the body. The skull of medium width is distinguished by its well marked superciliary arches, its accentuated stop, its strong and wide muzzle as well as its powerful jaw. Revealing a lively and alert look, the eyes are of dark color and are neither protruding nor excessively sunken in the orbits. As for the ears, they are set high and of medium size. The Drahthaar owes its name of wire-haired dog to its "wire" coat. It is dense and rough, which allows the dog to protect itself from injuries, harsh climates and environments. According to the standard requirements, the coat must be black-gray, brown and white or light roan, that is to say, a predominantly white coat with traces of black or brown.

History of the Drahthaar breed

The Drahthaar originated in Germany. It was born from a cross between the Griffon Korthals and various local hunting dogs during the 19th century. The animal has many physical similarities with the Griffon Korthals, especially in the pronounced eyebrows and the beard. Over the years, improvements have been made to the breed in order to obtain a courageous, versatile dog that can evolve in the harshest environments. Thanks to this rigorous selection work, the Drahthaar is one of the most successful and beloved hunting dogs.

Living conditions and behavior of the Drahthaar

The Drahthaar has a very good character. It is not aggressive or fearful, has a balanced temperament and above all is very confident. When hunting, it shows a lot of energy and is very versatile. It can also take on the role of a guard dog, as it naturally develops a distrust of strangers. The Drahthaar can become an affectionate pet and attached to its master. It loves children and can't resist playing with them. As far as education is concerned, as this breed has an excellent memory, it is imperative to start learning as soon as possible.

Diet and main health problems of the Drahthaar

To be fit and happy, the Drahthaar must absolutely exercise, especially if it is used as a pet. Among other things, physical activity will help avoid overweight problems that can easily affect it. It is also important to watch out for eye diseases and possibly hip dysplasia.