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The Belgian Griffon, a dog with a very particular face

With a face with almost human features, the Belgian Griffon attracts all the attention. Because of its small size, its sociability and its dynamism, it is very appreciated as a companion dog. Children, among others, will be happy to have at their side a fiery playmate.

Characteristics of the Belgian Griffon

The Belgian Griffon is a small dog, which is why it is so successful even outside Belgium. Its square-shaped body reveals elegance and robustness. At the same time, the dog has a proud appearance. It measures between 18 and 28 cm and weighs between 3 and 6 kg. The animal is immediately recognizable by its head, which is rather large compared to the rest of the body and gives off a human expression. It has a bulging forehead and an accentuated stop. The dog wears a long beard giving him a false air of Hipster. Ruffled hair also covers the eyes which are large, well spaced between them and of dark brown color. Concerning the ears, they are small, semi-erect and set high. The Belgian Griffon differs from its close cousin the Petit Brabançon by its long hair. It differs from its other cousin the Griffon Bruxellois by its uniformly black coat or may have tan markings on the legs, chest, under the eyes or on the cheeks.

History of the Belgian Griffon breed

The Belgian Griffon comes from Belgium as its name indicates. It belongs to the same family as the Petit Brabançon and the Griffon Bruxellois. All three have for ancestor the Smousje, a Brussels breed very famous in the hunting of rodents in the stables and in the guard of the carriages. The small Belgian dog that we know today was obtained by crossing this Smousje with Carlins and King Charles ruby spaniels. Over the years, the breed has been improved with the addition of Miniature Schnauzer, Affenpinscher and Yorkshire blood. Although it is well known, the Belgian Griffon is less famous than its two cousins whose international reputation is well established.

Living requirements and behavior of the Belgian Griffon

The Belgian Griffon is said to have a strong character. Despite this, the Belgian Griffon is a pleasant animal to live with, both energetic and alert. He never misses an opportunity to play the clown in order to bring joy to his family. He appreciates in particular the sessions of games with the balls. It is an intelligent, affectionate and easy to train animal. It has the advantage of being able to live in small spaces because of its small size. A life in town does not pose any problem provided that it can go out regularly to exercise.

Food and main health problems of the Belgian Griffon

The Belgian Griffon has a squashed face which causes the obstructive syndrome of brachycephalic breeds. This condition causes breathing difficulties and leads to regurgitation and snoring. Because of its large eyes, the dog can also be affected by eye conditions. Finally, it is important to watch for the possible appearance of patella luxation.