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The 10 most beautiful white dog breeds

Like beings from elsewhere, white dogs fascinate with their beautiful immaculate coats. For those who are in awe of these white dog breeds, here is a selection to discover.

The Poodle

Synonymous with pride and elegance, the Poodle is one of the most popular companion dogs. This breed, descended from the Barbet, is distinguished by its elastic and curly coat, particularly dense and woolly. The coat is often white but can also be gray, brown, black or fawn. Although the Poodle is not very prone to shedding, good maintenance is essential to preserve the beautiful appearance of the coat.

The Maltese

How can you resist that cute little face and body? The Maltese pleases indeed for its small size, making it ideal for a life in apartments. This ancient breed dating back to antiquity is adorned with a long, shiny, well furnished and silky coat. The coat is always pure white, although it can also be pale ivory.

The White Swiss Shepherd

Similar to the German Shepherd, the White Swiss Shepherd can be recognized by its incredibly powerful muscles and harmonious body as well as its magnificent, immaculate white coat. The coat can be long or semi-long.

The Westie

The Westie is a house dog par excellence and is said to be descended from the Cairn Terrier and the Maltese, to whom he owes his white coat. The Westie has a semi-long coat that must be groomed and brushed regularly to maintain its quality. This gesture also makes it possible to monitor the possible appearance of allergic dermatitis to which this breed is prone.

The Samoyed

Originally from the Far North, the Samoyed reveals a rare elegance coupled with a confident and dignified appearance. It owes its power and dynamism to its origins as a sled dog. This breed has a long, dense and abundant coat that must be well maintained. Beware of the moulting periods which take place twice a year for females and once a year for males and which may inconvenience some people because of the abundance of hair that falls out.

The Jack Russell

A real ball of energy. The Jack Russell is really ideal for those who love sports. But you have to be able to keep up with him, because he's said to be tireless. He has a beautiful white coat with black and tan spots. But as for the Bulldog, there are plain white breeds.

The Bull Terrier

Very intelligent and courageous, the Bull Terrier is one of those hyperactive dog breeds. It is very attached to its masters and requires a lot of affection. It is appreciated for its mischievous look and its white coat with tan or black spots.

The Greyhound

Another very energetic and sporty breed, perfect for lovers of physical activities. The Greyhound has a slender body with a short coat of different colors: white, black, brown, etc.

The German Spitz

Also called the Pomeranian, the German Spitz is a mischievous dog that demands attention and love from its owners. It has a white coat but can also be orange or cream.

The English Bulldog

A massive head, hanging lips, a body a bit chubby, the English Bulldog pleases for all its physical peculiarities a little bit. As for its coat, it is short, fine and smooth. The coat is usually white and can also have tan or sandy markings. However, it is not uncommon to find entirely white Bulldogs.