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My dog is not clean: why, what solutions?

When your dog "forgets" to stay in your house or apartment and leaves urine and faeces everywhere, you should start by asking yourself if he goes outside enough to do his business. Leaving your dog indoors for too long is a mistake that some owners make, and one that is easy to correct. But if the reason is not there, and the problem persists despite regular and frequent outings, then it is indeed a question of uncleanliness. In order to solve the problem, it is of course essential to identify the cause first.

Acquisition of sphincter control in the puppy

Before the age of 7 months, there's no need to worry if your dog occasionally does his business at home. Potty training takes place over time. The master in charge of this training must take care to take his dog out several times a day while respecting a certain frequency because the animal cannot hold back for a whole day, especially when it is very young.

Outside of the sleeping period, an adult dog can generally hold back from doing his business for 4 hours, or even 5 hours, if he has no particular health problem. In the puppy, this capacity is much shorter because the animal does not yet fully dominate its sphincters. It is 2 months in the 8 week old puppy and increases by more or less 1 hour every 4 to 6 weeks until the young animal has fully acquired sphincter control, around 6 or 7 months.

Causes of uncleanliness in dogs

Dogs can only be considered unclean if they are over 7 months of age, since this is the age at which they are fully capable of restraining themselves (for a time only, as mentioned above). Potty training can have any of the following causes.

No potty training or poor training

Due to lack of time or lack of knowledge of the basic rules, the owner may have failed to train his dog. The dog is an intelligent animal that can understand what his owner requires of him as long as he is consistent in his request and knows how to adopt a positive attitude. During the learning period, this comes down to a few very specific attitudes.

It is very important that the educational basis is not lacking so that the puppy becomes housebroken and has all the chances to stay that way under normal living conditions.

An emotional situation

A strong emotion can trigger accidental urination in a dog, regardless of where it is. This does not exclude the living room carpet... Different feelings can be the cause. For example, a dog that is happy to be back with his owner after a long absence or after only a few hours, or a dog that is very excited to go for a walk, can let out pee of joy wherever he is. But these accidents can also be caused by a strong anxiety or by the fear of being alone or following the anger of his master, or even by the terror in front of an act of violence or a very aggressive animal.

Faced with such uncontrollable emotions, the owner must reassure his dog. But in many cases, this requires the assistance of a dog trainer or a veterinary behaviorist.

A feeling of frustration

Being alone all day, the arrival of a baby at home, sometimes even another pet, the feeling of rejection or a severe punishment are all reasons that can lead to frustration in the dog. A feeling that he rarely manages. This is a cause of uncleanliness that can be dealt with, but it requires a great deal of knowledge of canine behavior. It is best to leave it to a professional.

A health problem

There are many conditions that can cause a dog to be unclean in the urine or in the feces, such as

When a pathology is the cause of the dog's uncleanliness, other symptoms usually appear. They should alert the owner and a consultation with the veterinarian without delay is perfectly justified.


Dogs may become unclean as they age due to senility or a failure of sphincter control. There is not much to do in this case, except to be patient and to take your dog outside as often as possible to relieve himself.


This term designates a state of almost constant sexual overexcitement, in any case more frequent than normal, and leads to very frequent urinary markings in male dogs and bitches in heat. This is a condition that must be taken seriously if you don't want to find traces of urine all over the house, because the animal suffering from this syndrome lifts its paw or squats to urinate at any time and anywhere. There are two medical solutions for treating hypersexualism in dogs and bitches:

Whatever the reasons for a dog not being housebroken, or being housebroken but no longer being housebroken, the owner should not take this uncleanness lightly. It is recommended in all cases to ask for advice from a professional, whether it is a dog trainer or a behaviorist if the origin is behavioral or a veterinarian if the problem has a pathological cause.