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Giving away your dog legally: what you need to know?

What do you need to know to give your dog away legally? For X reasons, you are in the obligation to separate you from your four-legged companion, know that to call upon organizations or to give it to a third party is a very courageous gesture. You have not abandoned him in the street and you open the door for a better future. Here is how to proceed to donate your dog in all serenity.

Are there any costs involved in donating a dog?

A placement in a shelter or association always requires a participation fee. The cost depends on each organization and can range from 10€ to 150€. To avoid excessive costs, keep all documents concerning your dog up to date as well as its medical follow-up. The dog must have a chip and an identification card. On the latter, the name of the person who brings the dog to the establishments must appear. If this is not the case, proceed with the name change by inviting the former owner to sign the identification card and send it to the Icad (Fichier National d'Identification des Carnivores Domestiques).

Medical procedures must have been done to reduce costs such as updating vaccines, spaying and neutering, so don't forget to bring your pet's vaccination booklet. If you have lost it, you can contact the veterinarian who performed the procedure and ask him to establish it.

Giving your dog to a private individual

The best option when donating your dog is to give it to a private individual. Talk about it around you, don't hesitate to put up posters in bakeries or local shops. You can also post classified ads on the internet on pet websites and pet forums. Accompany the classified ads with a nice picture of your dog to seduce the future owners.

Giving your dog to an association

The second solution is to give your dog to an association. There are different associations all over France: contact the one closest to your home. The associations offer a smoother transition, because they have the possibility to find takers even before putting them in a foster home. They also have the advantage of preparing the dog for adoption, so it is recommended that you talk in detail about your dog so that they can get to know him better. Some facilities will ask you to sign a letter of surrender.

Giving your dog to a shelter

The last option is to send your dog to a shelter. It is often known that shelters are overstocked because of the number of abandoned animals. They will therefore take in your dog depending on the number of places available. Most of the time, the shelters receive your dog by appointment, so take advantage of your call to make an appointment and find out what paperwork you need to provide. As usual, your dog must have an identification card, the equivalent of a human ID card. When you drop off your dog, allow about half an hour for the interview and to properly fill out the paperwork.

By entrusting your dog to individuals and institutions such as shelters or associations, you are doing something responsible for your dog.