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The Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound, a large dog with an athletic body

The Sloughi, better known as the Arabian Sighthound, is a sighthound from North Africa. It is characterized by its large size and athletic body, but also by its elegance worthy of a purebred dog. It is traditionally used for hunting, but it is also a very tender pet.

Characteristics of the Sloughi

The Arabian Greyhound is a large dog, sometimes reaching 72 cm in size when adult. Its weight varies between 30 and 32 kg. It has a short coat and a slightly accentuated bone structure. Its head is relatively massive compared to the rest of its body and its eyes large and dark. The Sloughi can wear several coats. It is often of sandy color, or brindle and it is possible that he wears a mask or a black saddle. It is recognizable by the thinness of its tail which is carried below the dorsal line. Energetic and enduring, it is excellent at running. This allows him to easily catch his prey.

History of the Sloughi breed

Present for thousands of years in Morocco, the breed was probably developed in this country. However, the name Sloughi is of Tunisian origin. In the past, it was used by Moroccans to hunt hares, but also gazelles. It is only in the half of the XVIIth century that the species arrived in Europe where it acquires a real status of luxury dog. Its use in hunting gradually disappeared as it became sacred in the eyes of Moroccans.

Living conditions and behavior of the Arabian Hound

Like many other breeds, the Sloughi is made for an outdoor life. So if you live in a farmhouse or a house with a large garden, you'll be able to make him happy. However, he is not against living in an apartment as long as he can get enough exercise during the day. To satisfy his need to run, the practice of canicross is beneficial for him. It is also possible to enroll him in a club to practice Sightseeing Pursuit on Lure. The Sloughi is a very easy-going animal. With its calm and composed nature, it is not likely to cause you problems with the neighborhood. And if it has been well socialized, it will have no trouble adapting to a new environment. Moreover, the absence of his masters, even for a long time, does not bother him that much. In the presence of strangers, the Arabian greyhound adopts an unwelcoming behavior without being aggressive. Thus, it is not his ferocity that impresses intruders, but his size.

Nutrition and health of the Arabian Sighthound

The Sloughi should be fed with lean meat, carbohydrates and green vegetables. The proper daily ration depends on its age, activity and weight. Although they are introverted by nature, Arabian Greyhounds have a strong character. His hunting instinct can take over at any time, causing him to put aside his meal to follow a trail. It is also difficult to coax him with treats to teach him to behave. On the health side, he does not suffer from any particular pathology. It is just necessary to prevent him from running after the meal so that he does not have the stomach turned.