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The Italian Volpino, small dog

The Italian Volpino is a small dog from Italy. It is a member of the Spitz family of dogs. It can be used as a guard dog, but it is also perfect as a pet.

Characteristics of the Italian Volpino

The Italian Volpino has a rather balanced silhouette. The length of its trunk is about equal to the height of its withers. Its coat is very dense and stiff. Its coat can be entirely white, red or champagne and covers its entire body. Its V-shaped ears are short, but stand proudly above its head. His eyes are round, ochre colored and his eyelids are black, a feature that adds a touch of vivacity to his expression. Small size, it does not make more than 30 cm, and 28 cm for the female. As for its weight, it turns around 5 kg. Enjoying a good longevity, the Italian Volpino is likely to live more than 15 years.

History of the Italian Volpino breed

The origin of the breed goes back a long way. Findings have shown that it was already living alongside humans in the Bronze Age. While it is commonly believed that the Italian Volpino is descended from the German Spitz, they are actually cousins. The breed has lived for centuries among the Italian people and aristocrats, where the animal served as a guard dog. Very effective in this role, it is capable of creating fear just by barking. Adored by the Italians, the Volpino was even for a time, the favorite pet of Michelangelo. At one point, overshadowed by the German Spitz, the breed almost disappeared. It owes its survival only to the passion of Italian breeders. Today there is no longer any risk that the breed will disappear, only that it is not as successful outside of Italy.

Living conditions and behavior of the Italian Volpino

The Volpino has been bred to live outdoors and if possible in a large space. However, this does not prevent him from being able to adapt to life in an apartment. However, his barking may disturb your neighbors. Contrary to other breeds, the Volpino can handle solitude quite well. However, it is not recommended to leave him in a closed area for a long time. He needs to be distracted with games or companions to feel comfortable. Otherwise, you will witness his destructive side. He is nevertheless very obedient when he has been well educated. In order to channel his great energy, he must have the opportunity to go for a walk or to practice physical activities.

Nutrition and health of the Italian Volpino

The Volpino often does not have a big appetite. It is even difficult to feed it sometimes. It is therefore necessary to vary its food regularly to stimulate its interest in food. He sometimes shows interest in foods that are not good for him, like chocolate. But this is not a reason to give him chocolate. The dog can stand the cold very well, but its fur can quickly become a nuisance during periods of high heat. No serious pathology is likely to affect him. However, be aware of possible luxations of the lens. Apart from that, it is a resistant animal with a good longevity. Even if its care should not cost you too much, it is still important to have a good health insurance.