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The Friesian Water Dog, a dog with beautiful curls

With its beautiful curls, white coat and black head, the Friesian Water Dog will certainly not go unnoticed. This breed has proven itself to be a talented hunter, although today it has traded this title for that of a dynamic companion dog and good guardian.

Characteristics of the Friesian Water Dog

The Friesian Water Dog can hardly be mistaken for any other. The Friesian Water Dog has an extraordinary physique and it is an understatement to say so. Let's first talk about its general constitution. Of average size, the dog makes 59 cm approximately with the withers whereas a bitch makes 55 cm with the withers. The animal has a solid constitution devoid of heaviness. Its body is inscribable in a square. It has a strong, dry head that is relatively harmonious in size compared to the rest of the body. The cranial region is slightly rounded and presents, among other things, a slightly accentuated stop. The Friesian Water Dog has oval eyes, of intermediate size, which are set at an angle. The eyes show a slight ferocity, which can frighten enemies. The medium sized ears are set low and are trowel shaped. The Friesian Water Dog is most notable for its thick, curly coat over the entire body with a greasy texture. The coat can be black or brown or even bi-colored, in which case it will be white and brown or white and black. Generally, the whole head is uniformly black or brown.

History of the Friesian Water Dog breed

The Friesian Water Dog originated in the Netherlands, in a northern region called Friesland. The dog got its name from this place. It is a very old breed that dates back several centuries although it is still difficult to determine its precise origins. It is probably a cross between a Friesian dog and a gypsy dog. It would have been appreciated for hunting otters and European skunks (Mustela putorius). The breed almost became extinct during the Second World War like most dogs. Today, it is considered rare. The official recognition dates back to 1942.

Living conditions and behavior of the Friesian Water Dog

The Friesian Water Dog has a stubborn, courageous and hardworking character. It performs all the tasks that are imposed on it with excellence. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to its strong temperament and its stubborn side. He needs masters who know about education, otherwise the relationship may quickly turn into a nightmare. The education will obviously be done with firmness and softness, without aggressiveness. The animal can also take on the role of guard dog because of its natural distrust of strangers.

Diet and main health problems of the Friesian Water Dog

The diet of the Friesian Water Dog will depend on its tasks. If it is involved in hunting activities, it will need a higher energy intake than a sedentary dog. Provide the maximum of vitamins, proteins, calcium and other essential nutrients. As far as health is concerned, there is no specific pathology. It is a resistant animal.