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The English Foxhound, sometimes stubborn dog

We can consider him as the star of fox hunting. It has been used for two centuries for this activity. This does not prevent the English Foxhound from being a pleasant, friendly, docile and playful companion dog that can be stubborn from time to time.


Characteristics of the English Foxhound

A large hound, the English Foxhound is appreciated for its harmonious proportions and its power. Its athletic and balanced silhouette also gives it a touch of elegance. The dog measures on average between 58 and 64 cm and weighs about thirty kilos. It is recognized by a long and graceful neck that ends on a well-proportioned head. The skull is more or less wide and flat, with a slightly accentuated stop, a square and long muzzle and large nostrils, not to mention the powerful jaws. The English Foxhound has medium-sized eyes that give off a sparkling look. As for the ears, they are hanging and set high. The dog has a relatively dense short coat. The coat can display all sorts of colors and markings depending on the standard.

History of the English Foxhound breed

As its title suggests, this breed comes straight from Great Britain. It is old since one makes mention of it as of the XVIIIth century. The English Foxhound was born from a hybridization between the Fox Terrier and certain pack dogs. It specializes mainly in hunting foxes, but also deer or boars. This breed benefits from a perfectly traced genealogy thanks to the work done by the English Foxhound Association. All purebred dogs are registered in the Masters' stud book set up in 1800. In this way, the owners have the possibility of knowing the family tree of their animal.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the English Foxhound

As a hunting dog, the English Foxhound is energetic, hardy and above all, fast. Because of all these qualities, its success in this task has never wavered in England where it constantly accompanies hunters. The English Foxhound can also be a perfect pet, as it is friendly, calm and affectionate. On the other hand, it does not like to be bored or to be left alone for too long. He needs to be constantly stimulated and as a hunting dog, physical exercise is a must. For the same reason, he cannot live in an apartment and must have a lot of space. A house with a garden will make him happy.

Food and main problems of the English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is a relatively solid dog. If he is involved in hunting activities, it will be enough to pay attention to accidents such as bites, fractures and gunshots. It is also advisable to watch for the appearance of deafness or a rare disease called renal amyloidosis. Finally, the risk of hip dysplasia cannot be ruled out. As for food, this is not a dog with a greedy nature. Its meals should simply cover its energy needs and contain all the necessary nutrients.