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The German Hound, intelligent and dynamic dog

The German Hound is an affectionate, intelligent and dynamic animal that shines with its iron health and elegance. A hunting dog in its country of origin, it also brilliantly fulfills the role of family dog, provided that it evolves with sporty owners. Sedentary life is clearly not for him.

Characteristics of the German Hound

Noble, high, with a light gait, the German Hound has the advantage of being well built. This hound measures between 40 and 53 cm and weighs between 19 and 20 kg. Its medium size allows it to easily catch hares or game. One of its particularities is its long tail that ends in a point and is densely hairy. The head is as elegant and light as the body. Long and lean, it is topped by a round skull and a slightly accentuated stop. The flesh-colored nose, the strong jaw and the slightly arched muzzle make it possible to recognize the breed. As for the eyes, they show a soft and gentle look and reveal a dark color. The ears for their part have a round end and are placed against the head. They are longer than wide. The German Hound has a short, straight and tight coat. The dress goes from red to fawn and can present white spots filled with black markings.

History of the German Hound breed

The German Hound is not a new breed. We mention its existence since the XIXth century. It would have been created by German stockbreeders with the aim of obtaining versatile hunting dogs. It is quite difficult to determine its exact ancestry. However, it is known that this dog is descended from the Westphalian Hound, the Bloodhound or the Greyhound. The contribution of hounds such as the Pointer, the Beagle or the Foxhounds is also possible. The German Hound has been successful in Germany because of its multi-tasking quality. Hounds were further developed after traditional hunting techniques were replaced by stalking and stalking methods. It was only in 1964 that the breed was officially recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

Living conditions and behavior of the German Hound

Because of its origins as a hunting dog, the German Hound is distinguished by its boundless energy. He is a keen tracker and develops an exceptional sense of smell, which is why hunters are so fond of this breed. But this dog is not only dedicated to work. It can become an excellent pet. It is very affectionate, calm and gentle. Even if it tends to reveal a strong character, it remains balanced in general. Before adopting the German Shepherd Dog, it is important to be sure that you can meet its physical exercise needs. He can live in an apartment only if he gets the maximum amount of activity.

Diet and main health problems of the German Hound

One of the strengths of the German Hound is its iron health. It is a dog that rarely gets sick. However, because of its long ears, the appearance of ear infections should be monitored. As for its food, it must be rich in nutrients and meet its energy requirements, especially since it is a very lively animal.