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The Finnish Lapphund, a dog full of power and presence

Vigor, power and presence. The Finnish Lapphund has nothing to envy to its congeners in terms of strength and appearance. This breed with strong adaptation capacities is specialized in guarding and hunting and also brilliantly assures the role of companion dog especially if all the conditions are met to ensure its well-being and happiness.

Characteristics of the Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is a Spitz type of dog, as its title suggests. It has an athletic and muscular physique, free of heaviness. It is an animal of medium size that measures between 46 cm and 51 cm for a weight of 25 to 30 kg. It has a long head with a convex skull and a gently sloping stop. The black nose, the pronounced cheeks, the harmonious lips are other characteristics attributed to this dog. It is difficult not to mention its oval, well-spaced and lively eyes whose color is in agreement with that of the dress. Of medium size, the ears are broad at the base, of medium size and spaced correctly between them. The Finnish Lapphund has a rather long, erect and straight coat. The coat plays with different shades of black. Dark brown or pronounced gray colors are permitted. The chest, neck and feet may have white markings.

History of the Finnish Lapphund breed

Originating in Finnish Lapland, the Finnish Lapphund was traditionally used to guard reindeer herds by the shepherds of these arctic regions. It was soon converted into a hunting dog by the Lapps. This breed is said to be a cross between the Collie and the German Shepherd. Other breeds would have participated in the creation of the Finnish Lapphund. Although the latter is old, it was not until the 1950s that it was entered in the stud book. It would become one with the Finnish Lapphund. In 1922, both breeds were officially recognized.

Living conditions and behavior of the Finnish Lapphund

Overflowing with enthusiasm and energy, the Finnish Lapphund will stop at nothing, especially when it's at work. It is a dog with a great capacity for analysis that does not act without thinking. He is not impulsive and shines for his reliability. Of a joyful and soft nature, he will make the happiness of all in the house. He gets along very well with the children towards whom he is patient and kind. Trustworthy and reckless, the animal can very well ensure the role of watchdog especially as it can bark very loudly when the situation requires it. Having origins of shepherd dogs, it will prefer to live in a house with a garden rather than in an apartment. However, a city dweller may consider adopting him as long as his exercise needs are met.

Nutrition and main health problems of the Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund has no specific pathology. In order to live as long as possible, it needs a diet adapted to its physical activity, age and health.