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The Bergamo Shepherd, a dog with a rustic and disheveled look

The Bergamasco Shepherd Dog is a pleasant companion with many qualities, including his excellent understanding with children. He is an intelligent, peaceful, patient and very loyal dog. In short, the perfect doggie.

Characteristics of the Bergamasco Shepherd

The Bergamasco Shepherd Dog is immediately recognizable by its very rustic look, highlighted by a long and abundant coat that completely covers its body. The dog has a woolly, rough-looking coat that looks like long, thick, falling strands or ropes. When the coat is not brushed, waterproof and consistent knots are formed. The Bergamasco Shepherd has a variegated or solid color coat that comes in various shades of gray. It has a body that fits into a medium-sized square, measuring between 56 and 60 cm and weighing between 26 and 38 kg. Even if it seems bigger because of the excess of hairs, the head is proportional to the rest of the body. It reveals, among other things, a rounded and wide forehead, thin lips, a stop without exaggeration and marked jaws. The dog's eyes are large and dark, they are hidden behind bushy eyebrows, as well as its mouth hidden by a thick beard. The ears for their part are semi-drooping and triangular in shape.

History of the Bergamasco Shepherd Dog breed

Coming from the Italian Hautes-Alpes, the Bergamasco Shepherd claims ancient origins since it would have been used since the Roman era, among other things, to scare away wolves. The breed has mainly excelled in sheep herding activities. It also conquered families and was used for company. This breed did not have only happy days. It was close to extinction during World War II without the intervention of Dr. Maria Andreoli who developed breeding programs. Even today, the Bergamasco Shepherd is not very convincing, especially because of its coat. However, the coat is easier to maintain than one would think, because in principle, this dog does not need to be groomed.

Living requirements and behavior of the Bergamasco Shepherd

The Bergamasco Shepherd has many qualities that make him a great pet. It is a dog with a balanced character, intelligent, patient and determined. He is patient and protective towards children and can evolve with other dogs and cats, especially if he has had the opportunity to grow up with them. It is a perfect animal for guarding. It is not aggressive and always determines the level of danger before acting. Beware, the Bergamasco Shepherd is an outdoor dog. He must be able to let off steam to be happy.

Diet and main health problems of the Bergamasco

The Bergamasco is a breed known for its robustness. It is spared from hereditary diseases and does not develop any specific pathology. However, it is advisable to watch for hip dysplasia. It also requires a diet compatible with its level of activity, its physical condition and its lifestyle.