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The Atlas Shepherd or Aïdi, a devoted dog

How not to crack in front of his look of pépère? The Atlas Shepherd gives off a lot of sweetness although in reality, it has a strong character. This dog will enjoy living in a family, especially if it is composed of children, because it will enjoy spending time with them. Better, he will protect them at the risk of his life.

Characteristics of the Shepherd of the Atlas

The Shepherd of the Atlas also known under the name of Aïdi, Berber term meaning "dog", is an animal of rather average size between 52 and 62 cm for a weight going from 25 to 30 kg. It has a rather vigorous body with a powerful bone structure and a developed musculature. The Atlas Shepherd is strong and lively. It is recognizable by its head of conical appearance, strong and harmoniously proportioned, entirely devoid of wrinkles. The skull is broad and flat and the stop not very accentuated. The Aidi reveals dark, medium-sized eyes that allow him to have a keen sense of observation while expressing vivacity. The ears with round tips are also of medium size and fall slightly. As for the coat, it is medium long, rough and thick. The coat can be fawn, brown or black.

History of the breed Berger de l'Atlas

The Aidi is an ancient breed that would be a close relative of the Yugoslavian Shepherd, the mountain dog of the Pyrenees and the Anatolian Akbash. It would be originating from Africa, more specifically from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Although it is named "Shepherd of the Atlas", its primary function was not to herd cattle, but rather to protect the tents and homes of nomadic shepherds. He also excelled at hunting foxes, boars and jackals. Unlike many other breeds, the Aidi has not undergone much physical change over the centuries. Today, the breed is rare outside its native country. Moreover, many canine authorities still do not recognize it officially.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Atlas Shepherd

The Aidi is known for showing affection and for its unfailing loyalty. He is able to protect his family against any danger and that, sometimes in an excessive way. He shows vigilance and courage. With him, one feels fully safe. This dog also has an independent character even if he remains deeply attached to his masters. It has a temperament and likes to bark, which is not ideal for those who live in apartments. To channel him, this dog must enjoy a firm education that neutralizes his character, a bit wild. It also needs to evolve in large spaces to be able to release its energy.

Food and main health problems of the Atlas Shepherd

The Atlas Shepherd does not develop any specific pathology. It is a robust dog whose life expectancy goes from 10 to 11 years. On the other hand, it is advised to watch the possible appearance of a dysplasia of the hip. Concerning its food, it is enough that it is rich in vitamins and nutrients to ensure its good development. In case of industrial food, give priority to the best quality.