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The Appenzell Mountain Dog, working dog by excellence

 The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a very intelligent and lively Swiss Mountain Dog that can grow up in a family. We love him for his attentive and protective side towards children. But beware of those who want to be quiet. This big barker will not leave any place of peace.

Characteristics of the Appenzell Cattle Dog

The Appenzell Cattle Dog attracts attention with its harmonious proportions and square physique. It develops a marked musculature with straight, long and well balanced limbs. He inherits from the Bouviers his beautiful athletic body. On the other hand, a physical detail which differentiates him from his congeners concerns his tail. This one curls in a tight ring on the back rather than being carried hanging down. The Appenzell Cattle Dog has a cheerful expression that is highlighted by a flat skull, a powerful but not excessive muzzle, a slightly pronounced stop and a dark nose in tan and black dogs. The eyes, which can be light, dark or dark brown, are small and reveal an air of mischief. The ears for their part are in triangle, fall on the cheeks, but set high. The Appenzell Cattle Dog has a firm, short and shiny coat that is tricolored. The coat is black and tan with white and tan markings.

History of the Appenzell Cattle Dog breed

Belonging to the large family of the Swiss Mountain Dogs in the same way as the Entlebuch Mountain Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog or the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is a rare and confidential breed. Like its congeners, it descends from the Tibetan Mastiff. We will really know him from 1853, when he is mentioned in the book "Tierleben der Alpenwelt" by Friedrich von Tschudi. Several decades later, Max Sieber, a master forester, decided to do what was necessary to prevent the breed from disappearing. He asked the Swiss Kennel Club to help him. The breed became so successful that in 1906 the Swiss Appenzell Cattle Dog Club was founded.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Appenzell Cattle Dog

The Appenzell Cattle Dog is a bold, self-confident and remarkably lively dog. It has a strong character, but is very loyal to its owners. He is also full of joy of living and always attentive. He is a good companion for children and will be happy to accompany them on walks. The Appenzell Cattle Dog can very well take on the role of guard dog thanks to its courage and its distrustful nature towards strangers. And as he likes to bark, he will warn his owners in time in case of intrusion in the house. However, in order for his barking not to become a source of annoyance, he must be taught to control himself as soon as possible.

Diet and main health problems of the Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a hardy and robust dog. It is not subject to any predisposition to diseases. Good news for the owners. To maintain its good health, it needs a healthy and balanced diet.