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The short-haired collie, a dog with a hyper-athletic body

With its hyper-athetical body, lively expression and great intelligence, the Shorthaired Collie amazes dog lovers with its physique and character. A dog for the handicapped, it also excels as a guard dog and as a companion dog. Learn more about this "so british" breed.

Characteristics of the Shorthaired Collie

The Shorthaired Collie shines for its balanced, harmonious and proportionate physique. This dog is distinguished by its beauty and its haughty attitudes. They are medium-sized, measuring between 51 and 56 cm at the withers and weighing between 18 and 29.5 kg depending on age and sex. This animal reveals a rather atypical head in the shape of a wedge which is clearly truncated. The skull is flat and the stop is very light. In addition to a black nose, the dog has powerful jaws. Another of its particularities lies in its eyes, which must have that much sought-after expression of softness. They are medium sized, set at an angle and are dark brown in color. The Shorthaired Collie expresses a look full of intelligence and vivacity. Its medium-sized ears are also carried backwards under normal circumstances and forward when the dog is alert. As the name suggests, the coat is short and has a relatively hard texture. The coat can be blue merle, tricolor (tan and black dominate) or bicolor (white and sable).

History of the Shorthaired Collie breed

Like the Longhaired Collie, the Shorthaired Collie also originated in Iceland, Scotland. This is an ancient breed, as it is believed to have been around for 4000 years. The Collie has known a dazzling success in England thanks to Queen Victoria who appreciated them very specially. She also contributed to the creation of the Colley Club around the 19th century. The short-haired Collie did not arouse as much enthusiasm as its long-haired counterpart. Therefore, the breed has remained confidential even up to the present day.

Living requirements and behavior of the Shorthaired Collie

The Shorthaired Collie is the perfect pet. It needs a constant human presence and is only happy if it lives near its family. It is a pleasant, friendly and always cheerful dog. It does not express any form of aggressiveness or fear and reveals a lot of intelligence and vivacity. Loyal and faithful, it is also attentive, courageous and sociable. On the other hand, it is necessary to be patient during its education, because this dog is a little stubborn. The training must be done with softness and firmness and allied play and obedience to be effective.

Diet and health problems of the Shorthaired Collie

The Shorthaired Collie must have an important follow-up on its health, because it can be subject to several diseases: skin disease, lupus erythematosus, persistent ductus arteriosus, abnormality of the eyes of the Collie, retinal atrophy, entropion, epilepsy, etc. As he is very active, he needs food rich in energy without being too fatty or sweet.