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The Czech Bearded Dog, a dog with a disheveled appearance

Endowed with an atypical appearance with its long, slightly dishevelled coat, the Czech Bearded Dog either pleases or does not please. In any case, hunting enthusiasts swear by this breed that excels in this activity. It is also recognized as a great companion dog.

Characteristics of the Czech Bearded Dog

With an average build, the Czech Bearded Dog measures between 58 and 66 cm with a weight of 22 to 34 kg. With a lot of power, this dog stands out especially by its endurance. It has a narrow, dry and long head with a brusque and long muzzle. Slightly rounded and domed, the skull is less broad in females than in males. The tapering muzzle is complemented by a broad, dark brown nose. The Czech Bearded Cat reveals a look full of kindness and vivacity through its almond-shaped eyes of dark amber to brown color. If it was baptized as such, it is certainly because of its head covered with hairs and its long lips without forgetting its thick eyebrows. As far as the ears are concerned, they are set high with slightly rounded tips and pressed against the head. The Czech Bearded Dog has three types of hair: the undercoat, the long topcoat and the even longer bristles that are present on the back line, the chest, the shoulders and the groin.

History of the Czech Bearded Dog breed

Originating from the Czech Republic, the Czech Bearded Dog has existed since the Middle Ages. To say that it is a really old race. It was especially prized by the Czech aristocracy who made it their preserve in a way before the First World War, so that the breed almost became extinct. After the war, the Czech Bearded Pointer began to spread throughout the country and narrowly avoided extinction. This breed will be used in particular as a pointing dog. On May 21, 1963, the official recognition by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) will be effective.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Czech Bearded Dog

The Czech Bearded Dog being a hunting dog, it needs a maximum of physical activities. He will find his happiness with sporty owners rather than sedentary people. It is not made to remain in a narrow apartment and must enjoy a life in the open air and a freedom of movement. It is an animal endowed with a strong temperament which is in particular specialized in the tracking of the harmful ones. It likes especially for its affectionate character and its softness. It is very close to children towards whom it shows patience. In addition, it is a sociable dog that gets along well with its fellow dogs and other animals.

Food and main health problems of the Czech Barbet

The Czech Barbet has a life expectancy of between 11 and 13 years. It is an animal with an iron health, for the biggest happiness of its owners. It is only recommended to be careful with ear infections and therefore, to clean its ears often enough. Its food as for it has nothing specific. Good quality kibbles will do the trick.