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How do I know if my dog is bored?

It is very important to know how to detect all the signs that a dog is bored. If your dog is bored, the owner needs to spend a little more time with him. A bored dog should not be left alone for too long. Instead, he should be stimulated to get him moving again and out of his slumber. Let's take a look at the signs of boredom in dogs and what can be done about it.

Boredom in dogs: the signs that don't deceive

Not all dogs react the same way to boredom. The attitudes that can put the flea in the ear of an attentive master are for example :
  • Peeing in the house, even though the dog has been clean for a long time,
  • Crying and barking all day long and sometimes even howling to death that can be heard in the whole neighborhood,
  • Stealing food,
  • Damage in the house or garden due to untimely scratching or biting (cushions or slippers torn off with the teeth),
  • Accumulation of all kinds of mischief,
  • The challenge of the authority of the master.
The bored dog can also :
  • Scratching incessantly or licking compulsively,
  • Stifle his bowl or on the contrary become bulimic,
  • Show less affection to his master (at least temporarily),
  • Being unhappy.
Often, the animal tries to attract the attention of his master by all means. The calmest doggie becomes a real destroyer, while a perfectly balanced and cheerful dog suddenly feels very unhappy and seems sad, totally detached from family life.

Get your dog out of boredom by playing

Loneliness is often the cause of boredom in dogs. To get him out of this state, he must be kept busy. The animal must be stimulated by its owner. Initially, you can opt for interactive play, a moment that the animal shares with its owner, breeder or a member of its foster family, which intensifies the human/dog relationship. Then, once the dog has recovered, it will be happy to play on its own again.

It is very important to set aside time for your dog on a daily basis. This is the time to perfect his education if he is still young or if it is necessary. He must be able to jump, run, look for a toy or a treat and find pleasure in it. The dog should have its own toys and have free access to them in the absence of its owner so that it does not remain inactive when it is alone. This prevents him from focusing on the food. It is known that a dog that is bored because it does not occupy itself during the day is at high risk of becoming obese.

If you have the possibility, you can install a small Agility course in the garden. Another good idea is to welcome another pet, not necessarily another canine. A cat, a parrot, a pony... If the dog gets along very well with all animals, it can only help him to get out of boredom.

Take your dog out very often if he is bored

As soon as you notice that your dog is depressed, it is essential to take him out. Each walk with his owner is an asset and can help him over time to regain his liveliness. It is important for your dog to get back in touch with the outside world. He will smell all sorts of odors that will revive his attraction for walks. We vary the pace so that he can also run. You should also change the place where you take your dog for a walk every day to avoid weariness and so that the animal discovers a new route and new smells. In the country or in a public park, we take a ball with us so that he can play and get tired. He will be better off on his return because he will be much less bored.

Finally, boredom in dogs can be treated in the same way as in humans, by physical activity and intellectual stimulation, but also by breaking the solitude. This is why multiplying and sharing games and outings are crucial actions to obtain a good result in the medium term.

Finally, there is another important point when you decide to take in a dog, and that is to choose a breed that can easily get used to the absence of its owners. Some dogs are so independent that they tolerate well, even really appreciate solitude. This is for example the case of the Akita, the Shar pei, the Chow-Chow, the Lhasa apso or the Pekingese.