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The Irish Terrier or Irish Terrier, very sporty dog

The Irish Terrier is an outstanding sportsman who loves, above all, to run. Full of energy, always alert! Beware, you may not be able to keep up with him if you are the sedentary type. Gentle, loyal, intelligent and attentive, it is also a charming dog, a bit feisty.

Characteristics of the Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier is described as the oldest terrier breed in the world. The Irish Terrier owes its popularity to its racy and nervous appearance. Muscular and vigorous, it is clear that the Irish Terrier is addicted to sports. Its head, with a narrow and flat skull, is long and without wrinkles. It is covered with hairs. The face has a goatee which reminds that of a goat. The stop is almost absent, the jaws are muscular and the nose is obvious and black. The Irish Terrier has eyes that reveal a lot of intelligence and a lively expression. They are small and display a dark color. V-shaped, the ears are thin, also small and fall slightly to form a small fold on the skull. In general, they are of a darker color than the coat. Concerning the coat, it has a texture called "wire" and remains dense. The coat can be red, yellow red or red wheaten.

History of the Irish Terrier breed

According to history, the Irish Terrier would have appeared in Ireland since the Bronze Age, it is really an ancestral dog breed. At the beginning, this dog came in different colors. However, the situation has changed since the 20th century. Like most Irish dogs, it was developed to have a red coat identical to the hair color of the majority of Irish people. The breed was successful in England and was also imported to the United States. Used for hunting, it was an effective messenger during the First World War. The standard was established very early. From 1880 to be precise. But it will be necessary to wait until January 28, 1955 so that the race is recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier is a symbol of vivacity and energy. It's simple. This dog won't leave you alone until he's had enough excitement. So get ready for hours of play and walks when you adopt one. He is a good-natured animal, always cheerful and gentle. It is devoid of aggressiveness and displays tenacity. It is also a very sympathetic dog and of a great fidelity. Considering its qualities, it is rather easy to educate. In addition, the Irish Terrier can brilliantly take on the role of guard dog.

Diet and main health problems of the Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier is prone to certain diseases that are important to monitor closely. Among them is hereditary dystrophic myopathy, which causes muscle damage. He can also suffer from cataracts and hereditary hyperkeratosis, a skin condition. To stay in shape, this dog must have enough nutrients. Home-made food is recommended only if it is prepared with the help of a veterinarian, to avoid deficiencies.