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The Hokkaido Ken, dog of Japanese origin

Japanese dog breed, the Hokkaido Ken is an example of courage, phlegm and intelligence. This gentle animal is distinguished by its very athletic physique and its primitive character. It can make a very good family dog, but also a sled dog, defense or guard dog.

Characteristics of the Hokkaido Ken

Being an Asian Spitz, the Hokkaido Ken develops the same physical characteristics as this canine category. It has an athletic, robust and well-proportioned body with marked muscles with pure lines and a solid bone structure. It measures between 45 and 51 cm for a weight going from 24 to 27 kg. This dog is distinguished by its very specific head. It reveals a flattened and imposing skull with strong jaws and a pointed muzzle topped by a black nose. This head highlights small triangular eyes well spaced between them and with a dark brown color. The ears are also small and triangular in shape. They are erect, carried straight on the head, while tilting slightly forward. The Hokkaido Ken has a rather short hair with a dress which can be black, red, sesame or white. It also has the particularity to have a tail rolled up in the back and densely hairy.

History of the breed Hokkaido Ken

The Hokkaido Ken comes from the eponymous island located in Japan. According to history, it is one of the oldest Japanese dog breeds. Its ancestors were brought back around the 12th century by emigrants coming from Honshu, another island of the country. This breed was mainly used in deer and bear hunting because of its highly developed sense of direction and its strong resistance. It then ended up being used as a companion dog. Its popularity is such that it was declared a "Natural Monument" in 1937 in its native country. In Europe, the Hokkaido Ken is still not very widespread.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Hokkaido Ken

To welcome a Hokkaido Ken is not intended for all. The Japanese races are famous to have character. For the neophytes in canine education, the roles are likely to be quickly reversed. When living with a Hokkaido Ken, you don't really know who is "the master" and who is "the dog". Very energetic, dignified and reserved, this dog is also alert, docile and courageous. He will make a wonderful companion for both young and old. It happens that he is a bit of a pooch. But that's simply because he sees your activity as lacking interest. So don't hesitate to constantly stimulate his intelligence.

Food and main health problems of the Hokkaido Ken

The Hokkaido Ken is considered as a real force of nature. To say that it is not prone to any health problem in particular. For its food, you can bet for a home-made food or industrial food. The most important rule is to divide its meals into two or three times a day and to avoid physical exercise after eating to prevent stomach twisting.