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The Bruno du Jura, Swiss Hound

Belonging to the category of Swiss hounds as well as the Lucerne, Schwytzois and Bernese hounds, the Bruno du Jura is a faithful pet, calm and gentle, but also an outstanding sportsman.

Characteristics of the Bruno du Jura

The Bruno du Jura is a rather massive dog, with a marked musculature, but without heaviness. Low on legs compared to other Swiss hounds, they measure on average between 47 and 59 cm for a weight oscillating between 20 and 25 kg. It has a fine, dry head with a relatively long muzzle and a marked stop. The Bruno du Jura has the particularity to have ears falling on each side of the head, rounded at the ends and rather narrow. They are folded and set back, which gives him an elegant and aristocratic style. And what about her eyes. They are brown and reveal a gentle expression. The Bruno du Jura has a short, thick and full coat. It is distinguished by its unicolor coat tending towards fawn shades with a black mark on the back. The coat can also be black with traces of tan on the limbs.

History of the Bruno du Jura breed

The history of the Bruno du Jura goes back a long way. It seems that these Swiss hounds were known in Egypt in ancient times and that they were introduced into Europe by the Romans. It is notably imported in France in the Swiss Alps and the Rhone Valley. This dog would have as ancestor the dog of Saint-Hubert which evolved in the 5th century in the Ardennes abbey. Unfortunately, the Bruno du Jura has not known only happy days. After having rubbed shoulders with the French aristocracy around the 18th century, he lost his reputation. In Switzerland, breeders decided to develop the breed to make the perfect hunting dog.

Living conditions and behavior of the Bruno du Jura

The Bruno du Jura is an animal full of energy. He excels in hunting thanks to his powerful voice and his developed sense of smell. He can operate in a pack or alone in the most difficult areas. They are tireless and have great stamina. At home, he is docile and gets along well with children. This dog knows how to show discretion by barking very little. He is very attached to his owners, but is not really demonstrative. To be happy, he must live in the mountains or in the countryside. But it can also evolve in a house with a garden in order to be able to unwind as it wants.

Food and main health problems of the Bruno du Jura

The Bruno du Jura does not develop any disease specific to its breed, it is a chance. Its robustness will amaze you. Even his diet does not need to be specific, to say that this dog is really easy to live with. He can be satisfied with kibble or canned pellets as well as homemade food made of vegetables, starches and meats.