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The Boerboel or Boerbull, dog with a powerful musculature

The Boerbel also called Boerbull, forces the respect with its powerful musculature, its robustness and its imposing size. A guard dog par excellence, it can also be used as a pet. In spite of its classification in category 1 i.e. "dangerous dog", it reveals a calm and balanced character.

Characteristics of the Boerboel

Boerboels are very large dogs with a solid, robust body and powerful muscles. They measure between 58 and 66 cm at the withers and weigh between 70 and 90 kg. It is immediately recognizable by its massive, broad and very muscular head, with a short and dark muzzle, as are most molossoids. The very powerful jaw will make all the opponents of this unusual breed tremble. The Boerboel has small brown eyes with a determined look on a soft background. The hanging ears are triangular in shape and rounded at the tip. Their size remains relatively proportional to the head. This breed has a short, shiny, well furnished and dense coat. The coat can have all kinds of colors: red-brown, gray, brindle, piebald, brown... The presence of a black mask is tolerated by the standard. The chest can also reveal a small mark without being penalized by the standard.

History of the Boerboel breed

The Boerboel would come from South Africa. It is said to be the result of a hybridization between European breeds like the Bullmastiff and the English Bulldog as well as the Brabanter Bullenbijter brought by the Dutch settlers to the territory, but which is now extinct. The dog was mainly used as a farm guard. It was used to keep wild animals away and to watch over the livestock. The development of this breed was only really started in 1960. In France, the Boerboel is subject to a ban and is registered in category 1 of "dangerous" dogs. Therefore, it cannot be owned by just anyone.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Boerboel

The Boerboel is above all an exceptional guard dog. No intruder will be allowed to pass the territory he is supposed to guard, unless he is invited by his master. Beyond this strong protective instinct, the Boerboel remains a peaceful, calm and balanced animal. It makes an excellent pet for families, even for children. As it is an intelligent dog, its education will not pose too many problems. He likes to feel useful and will do anything to please his master. However, for best results, training must be done with respect, firmness, gentleness and consistency.

Diet and main health problems of the Boerboel

For your Boerboel, opt for a dry diet, i.e. kibbles that will more easily meet its nutrient needs while avoiding dental problems. Choose only "premium" kibbles to be sure of quality. On the health side, the Boerboel can be predisposed to certain diseases such as dysplasia, heart problems, vaginal hyperplasia, eye problems or Wobbler syndrome.