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The Picardy Shepherd or Berger Picard, a dog with an atypical physique

Its scratched appearance certainly does not go unnoticed. Beyond its atypical physique, the Berger de Picardie or Berger Picards is a dynamic dog with a protective instinct. It will make a wonderful companion dog and incidentally, an excellent watchdog.

Characteristics of the Berger de Picardie

Its primitive look distinguishes it from other sheepdogs. The Picardy Shepherd also known as the Picardy Shepherd has a muscular body, but without heaviness. This light appearance combined with a harmonious silhouette makes its success. It measures between 55 and 60 cm for the female and between 60 and 65 cm for the male. The weight oscillates between 20 and 30 kg.

The Picardy Shepherd has a sympathetic head finely cut raised by a vaulted skull, a stop little marked and a black nose. It has whiskers, a goatee and relatively thick eyebrows. The dog has dark eyes and oval shape and has ears planted high that are of intermediate size and wider at the base. The hair is half-long, hard, rough and not curly. It gives the dog a scratched appearance. The coat can be in different shades of fawn: charcoal fawn, brindle fawn. Traces of dark grey are tolerated. White on the other hand is forbidden by the standard.

History of the breed Berger de Picardie

The Picardy Shepherd is much less well known than its cousins the Berger de Brie, the Berger de Beauce or the Berger des Pyrénées and yet, it is one of the oldest French shepherd breeds. It appeared around the year 800 and several representations of it were even made in the Middle Ages. The problem is that the Picardy Shepherd has had difficulty in gaining true recognition because of confusion with the lowland shepherd. It is said to be the offspring of several European shepherd dogs. Because of the Great War, it almost disappeared if it wasn't for the intervention of some enthusiasts like Robert Montenot who launched the Club des Amis du Berger Picard around 1950.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Picardy Shepherd

Don't just rely on its rustic silhouette. In reality, the Picardy Shepherd is an elegant and balanced dog. It is affectionate, demonstrative and patient with children. And despite this country look, living indoors won't be a problem for him, as long as he gets regular walks. It is an animal combining boldness and wisdom. Moreover, it is calm and very protective. This guarding instinct makes it wary of strangers. As it is also lively and dynamic, it will enjoy living with sporty masters, especially since it excels in the practice of certain disciplines such as the ring, agility or tracking.

Diet and main health problems of the Picardy Shepherd

The Picardy Shepherd shines by its iron health. Its life expectancy is estimated between 12 and 15 years. But for him to live that long, he must be fed a diet adapted to his activity. High quality kibble will do the trick, although there is nothing better than homemade food made from vegetables, starches, grains, raw meat and fresh fruit.