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The Japanese Spitz, a dog with immaculate white fur

An immaculate white fur, an irresistible face, a friendly, lively and active character... the Japanese Spitz is an ideal companion for families living in the city, in apartments. This dog being also very playful, children will be delighted to have him in their ranks.

Characteristics of the Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is immediately recognizable by its white fur and its bushy, long and dense tail that makes it look like the Samoyed. The dog has an abundant coat, long, spread out and straight. Concerning his size, he is not very tall as he measures between 30 and 33 cm for males and between 29 and 32 cm for females. The weight varies between 6 and 10 kg. The Japanese Spitz develops a robust and harmonious constitution. It is remarkable for its pointed muzzle and black nose. Its skull is domed and more or less broad, with an enlargement on the posterior area. The dog also has small ears with fine triangular tips that are carried high and pointing forward. As for his eyes, the dark color contrasts with the immaculate whiteness of the coat. They are neither too big nor too small and are almond shaped.

History of the Japanese Spitz breed

The origins of the Japanese Spitz are controversial. But it seems that this race would have as ancestor, the German Spitz with the white dress which landed in the land of the Rising Sun around the 1920s. It must be said that the two breeds show similarities. The Japanese Spitz has not had a thrilling history unlike many of its counterparts. It will be improved thanks to the contribution of other spitz from the United States, Canada, China and Australia. After the Second World War, a first official standard was established by the Japanese Kennel Club. This breed is one of the favorite four-legged companions of the Japanese. It was also successful in Sweden and then all over Europe and the world.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz has many qualities. He is jovial, alert, active, lively and shows great intelligence. On the other hand, beware of his stubborn character and especially, his untimely barking. He does not appreciate the presence of strangers and will bark for the occasion if someone he does not know tries to approach. He is thus an excellent guard who develops a lot of courage. Another of his assets is that he is close to the children with whom he will play and have a lot of fun. In addition, he shows an immoderate affection towards his masters and needs to be constantly surrounded by his family.

Diet and main health problems of the Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is not affected by any particular defect. It is a sturdy animal, with an important longevity since it can live between 12 and 16 years. Of course, its health will also depend on an adequate diet and constant monitoring. A "homemade" food is recommended, but an industrial food can also do the trick provided that the quality is there.