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The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer, a dog designed for running and hunting

Tailored for running and hunting, the Hungarian Shorthair Braque does not go unnoticed with its athletic body. It excels in its work as a hunter and is at the same time a formidable, intelligent and well-balanced pet.

Characteristics of the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer

Endowed with a harmonious silhouette, the Hungarian Shorthair Braque perfectly combines strength, beauty and elegance. Its muscular body shows a light constitution. It differs from the Hungarian Wirehaired Pointer by the texture and appearance of its coat. This dog has a longer than tall body and measures between 50 and 64 cm at the withers with a weight ranging from 20 to 30 kg, depending on age and sex. It has a well proportioned and dry head on which a truncated muzzle develops. The nostrils are open and the nose is rather wide. The eyes are moderately large and oval shaped. They reveal a brown color in harmony with the coat. As for the ears, they form a rounded V, are slightly positioned at the back and are drooping along the head. The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer, as its name implies, has a short and close coat that is fawn (wheat-gold) in color.

Breed History of the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer

The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer is native to Hungary. It is not a new breed since it has existed since the 17th century and has been the happiness of the Hungarian nobility. Specialists say that it was born from a hybrid between a Turkish hunting dog and a Hungarian hound called Transylvanian. Several foreign breeds contributed to its constitution during the 19th century. Breeding programs for pure shorthaired Hungarian Shorthaired Hounds only began in 1920. It is only in 1936 that the International Canine Federation (FCI) will officially recognize it. There is a large population of Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer not only in Hungary, but also in the United States and Germany.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer

The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer is an outstanding hunter of furry or feathered game. It can evolve as much in the plains as in the woods or marshes. It is a real all-terrain vehicle. He also has a very developed sense of smell and is not afraid of bad weather. This dog does not only excel in hunting. He is also a good family dog because of his affectionate character towards his owners including children. He is friendly and has a lively natural temperament, without being aggressive or shy. On the other hand, he must be able to live in a house with a garden to be able to exercise himself. The ideal for him is to have sports teachers capable of satisfying his needs for exercise.

Diet and main health problems of the Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer

The Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer is a great sportsman, he needs a diet capable of supplementing his caloric expenditure. However, being a large dog, he must not eat too much quickly to avoid stomach twisting. As far as health is concerned, this breed is hardy and robust and does not develop any particular pathologies.